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10 reasons to buy an electric scooter

10 reasons to buy an electric scooter! The advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric scooter!

Do you want to buy an E-scooter but still have doubts? Then I would like to help you make a choice! In this article, I list the advantages and disadvantages of having your own electric scooter!

What are the benefits of an electric scooter?

The E-scooter has a number of practical advantages, which can all be a reason to buy an electric scooter! But driving an electric scooter is also a lot of fun and cool! I remember well when I drove on an E-scooter for the first time during a city trip. My face must have looked something like this:

reasons to buy an electric scooter

And actually, I still get that feeling when I ride my Electric scooter now. It is really very nice to ride it. It also has an appeal. People think it’s cool, people look at it, it just has a cool factor. I don’t have any other words for it.

But the fun can’t be the only reason to purchase an electric scooter because then a scooter would fall under the toy category. And that is certainly not the case! It is a means of transport for adults (and kids) with a lot of practical advantages:

Easier than a bicycle

The electric scooter is a good alternative to the bicycle. Those of us who do not want to arrive tired and sweaty at an appointment should try an e-scooter. In addition, the scooter is a lot more accessible than a bicycle. You do not have to get on the road, you are not high up, keeping your balance is easy and the scooter is very light, small, and has a short braking distance. If you have a skirt or dress, the scooter is also ideal.

Driving an electric scooter is also a lot easier than a bicycle. You just have to scooter on, accelerate, steer and brake. Finding your balance is a matter of time of course. Everyone can ride it from the first go, while cycling often requires some practice. Anyone who has ever seen tourists on a bicycle in big cities has seen this. This makes a scooter a very safe alternative.

An electric scooter is fast

With an electric scooter, you are quickly at your destination. On most scooters, you can drive a maximum of 15 to 20 miles per hour. You can also set the maximum speed lower yourself. Some scooters have a cruise control function. The range is also good. With a full battery, you can drive 15 to 30 miles with most scooters. This makes the scooter also suitable for outside the city, for commuter traffic.

No more traffic jams and environmental benefits

Big cities all around the world are struggling with mobility problems. There are too many cars on the road and the air quality is not good during rush hour. With an E-scooter, you are way faster in the city getting from point A to B than by car. So you no longer have to be stuck in traffic or drive from traffic light to traffic light. You can leave the car at home. Those who live outside the city take public transport and continue their way in the city with an E-scooter. Fewer cars in the inner cities, more space for green because fewer parking spaces are needed, no more smelly mopeds, scooters, or cars and much less noise nuisance.

An electric scooter is a sustainable means of transport. It only needs a full battery and does not emit exhaust gases. The scooters contribute to making transport green. In addition, scooters are driven by an electric motor. Those motors have very limited wear and have much fewer maintenance costs than, for example, a car. And electricity is also a lot cheaper than gasoline or diesel.


An electric scooter takes you quickly from point A to point B, without having to pick up your car from the parking garage (and then have to park again at the other location) or wait for the bus or taxi. Most scooters are lightweight and foldable. So you walk out of your house or office, open the scooter and you have left.

In summary, the benefits are:

  • Nice and cool;
  • Easy to use;
  • Fast;
  • Long range;
  • No time lost in traffic;
  • Sustainable;
  • No noise;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Fuel-saving (money-saving);
  • Freedom.

Disadvantages of an electric scooter

Every means of transport has disadvantages. The disadvantages of an E-scooter are:

Good road surface needed

Although most US roads are provided with a good layer of asphalt or tightly fitting pavers, you also occasionally encounter some uneven pavement. Although you can drive over it with the E-scooter, driving on bad pavement is certainly not comfortable and you have to keep your attention to it.


The E-scooter is a new means of transport that is still under development. Fortunately, the price has dropped considerably in recent years, with the expectation that the scooters will become even cheaper. Now there are good scooters for sale between 300 and 1500 euros.


Let’s face it, walking or cycling is a lot healthier than using a means of transport for which you don’t have to do much to get ahead. You should definitely keep walking the short sections, but for the longer sections where you normally use the car, bus, or taxi, an E-scooter is a good alternative.


You must be careful that you charge the battery because you do not want to get stranded by a dead battery.


The e-scooter is legal on public roads in many countries. In many countries, Electric scooters are allowed. Electric scooters are increasingly sold around the globe and you see them appear more and more on the streets.

The benefits of an E-scooter

Electric scooters are faster than cycling, cheaper than cars and they take much less effort to drive it. I don’t know what you think about the Electric scooter so far, but I think it is a lot of fun to drive, and an especially practical means of transport. It’s fast, easy to carry, maneuverable, clean, a good alternative to the bike, and perfect for distances that are just too far to walk. Although the Electric scooter is not yet officially permitted for use on public roads in some countries, I expect that this will not take long before they are allowed almost anywhere in the world.

What is the reason for you to buy an electric scooter (or don’t buy)?

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