Get The Most Out Of Your Electric Scooter Battery
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6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Electric Scooter Battery

Here are 6 tips to get the most out of your Electric Scooter Battery and 3 battery myths exposed!

Need help getting the most out of your electric scooter?

Three tips for optimally extending the life of the battery:

Tip # 1: Not completely discharged. Do you have the option of not having to fully charge the battery of the electric scooter? Make sure that you recharge the battery every day if you have the option. Did the battery run empty completely? Then recharge the battery with a full battery cycle.

Tip # 2: Make sure you keep the battery in a place between 41 and 68 degrees (5 and 20 degrees Celsius) out of direct sunlight. If the battery is not used for a long time, it is best to save the battery at around 40% of its capacity. On the batteries of electric scooter that means 2 to 3 led’s that light up on the battery after pressing the button.

Tip # 3: To keep the battery life as high as possible, the basic rule is that fully discharging and fully charging shortens the battery life. If you have the option to do so, it is best to charge your battery if it still has 30% left over to about 90% of the total power.

Do you suffer from ‘range anxiety‘? Then apply these tips to get the largest range possible!

Tip # 1: If at all possible, reduce the weight. The more weight the battery has to carry, the less the range will be.

Tip # 2: Accelerating hard, braking hard and then accelerating again is logically stressful for your range. For electric scooters, there is an extra gear on some models, which means that you accelerate less and limit the speed limit. This increases the range a lot!

Tip # 3: Weather conditions affect the range. Strong winds and extreme cold will influence the range of our electric scooters. Although these are external factors, you can take this into account before you hit the road.

There are many myths about batteries in general. Below are three myths that are not correct about the batteries of our electric scooters.

Myth # 1: Recharging overnight is bad for the battery. Although the battery is fully charged, there is a stop system on the charger, so that charging stops when the battery is fully charged. It will therefore not be an extra burden on the battery in comparison with a full ‘normal’ charge.

Myth # 2: It’s about the charging cycles, so charging a half-full battery shortens the lifespan. This is incorrect. It is indeed about charging cycles of the battery, only when charging half-empty batteries the total charging cycles will be many times higher before decay occurs, than if the battery is completely discharged and then fully charged (see tip 3 above).

Myth # 3: Electric scooters must be charged at a charging station.  The batteries of electric scooters are removable and can, therefore, be charged in any normal socket. The idea is exactly the same as charging a phone, tablet or laptop.

If you extend the lifespan of your battery by carrying out proper maintenance and taking care of it, you will also maintain the range of your electric scooter.

How to increase your range?

The total distance that can be traveled without the scooter being charged in between is referred to as your range.

Your range depends on multiple factors.

One of these factors is the weight and by weight, it means the total weight of the scooter, the driver of the electric scooter, the possible second person and the luggage that you take with you.

And the rule is, the more weight, the shorter the range, this is obvious.

Another factor that will determine your range, is tire pressure.

When an electric scooter is on softer tires, the less efficient its driving will be. Because a soft tire gives more resistance on the road.

To maintain the highest possible range for your electric scooter, the right tire is very important.

The speed will also affect the range. The harder you ride, the more power you ask and the shorter the range is.

An electric scooter often also has a smaller range than a regular motorcycle.

The driving conditions also play a role in your range. For example, when driving into the wind or driving up a hill, this will shorten the range.

Some electric scooters have a switch with three driving modes.

  1. Speed up to 25km / h
  2. speed up to 35km / h
  3. speed up. 45km / h

This way you can be conservative with power when you need to, and give you support if you have for example a hill to climb, so you can keep the range under control and even increase it.

The power you demand when driving influences the range significantly.

The more power you use, the shorter distance you can do with a full battery.

Conversely, the more economically you drive the further you can ride.

The best electric scooter is not automatically the scooter with the highest range. The correct range is of course entirely dependent on the way you use the electric scooter. A ride to work (electric scooter are perfect for commuting) that is a bit longer will, of course, require a completely different operating radius than if you only use the electric scooter for short trips in the city.

  • An Electric scooter with a Battery of 60 Volts & +/- 25 Ah can reach a range of approximately 60 Miles on 1 Charge.
  • The range of an electric scooter can be increased by using the stored energy efficiently, so it helps to let the scooter roll downhill without touching the throttle and when applicable to drive in ECO mode.
  • If your electric scooter is equipped with halogen bulbs, replace it with LED’s, they use less power and in turn, increase the range of your scooter.
  • If you want to increase the range of your electric scooter even further, drive with daytime running lights if possible and switch off the low beam during the daytime.
  • Another tip to increase the range is to regularly check the tire pressure and, if the tires need to be replaced, choose a tire with low rolling resistance. Tires with a rough profile have a negative effect on the range that you can achieve!

There you have it, enough tips to preserve battery life and extend your range to enjoy your electric scooter even more.


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