Electric bike exercise

Are electric bikes good for exercise?

Are electric bikes good for exercise? This is a question I get asked a lot. The electric bike is becoming increasingly popular and not without reason, it is an ideal outcome for many people. You cycle easier, longer, and further with an E-bike. “An electric bike is for lazy people”, is an expression that sometimes comes up in a conversation about E-bikes. Don’t believe this expression, because that’s not the case at all! Cycling is good for you, even on an electric bike. But what about the environment? We help you with all your questions about e-bikes and we have surprisingly positive answers for you.

The advantages of riding an electric bike

If you ride an electric bike, you are doing something healthy. You improve your fitness and it is good for your lungs and your heart. You burn calories so that you maintain your weight better. Perhaps you wonder whether this also counts for electric bikes because with a motor you don’t have to do pedal like on a regular bike? The answer is that this certainly also applies to electric bikes. An electric bike does not move forward if you do not pedal: the motor only starts when the pedals rotate or when you apply force to them. 

Less pedal assistance, more movement

So you move and exercise, no matter what. An advantage of this is that you immediately burn calories. You are in control of how much you move. The pedal assist has three to five positions, depending on the technology in the bike; in position one – the lowest position – you do most of the work yourself. In the highest position, you will be assisted quite a bit. If you don’t have to go up a hill, you really don’t need that highest setting. On a bike with five positions, position two or three is more than sufficient. If you are full of energy, you can switch it to position one or just turn it off completely. Everything is possible! Because if you get less pedal support, you use your own strenght, which is extra healthy while cycling.

Use your E-bike more often and for longer distances

Let’s assume that the motor of the electric bike helps you about halfway. Then you make half the effort than if you were on a regular bike. Is this lazy? No! Because thanks to the pedal assistance, you use your electric bike a lot more and you can enjoy your ride for longer. Most people who have purchased an electric bike actually get more exercise! That is why you have to weigh the e-bike against your car: every time that you take the electric bike instead of your car, you are being much healthier. So when the weather conditions are good, why not take your E-bike for your commute instead of your car?

Electric bikes give you less stress 

Just imagine if all cars were replaced by electric bikes: what a silent world would we live in. And you can get out into the open more often with an e-bike. Sufficient daylight ensures that you sleep better and that you feel rested and fit. Another advantage when you take the electric bike instead of the car, you cycle past all those traffic jams. And when you’ve arrived at your destination, you don’t have to drive around for 15 minutes looking for a parking space. What a relief! That trip through that beautiful landscape, which you previously thought was too far by bike and for which you preferred to take the car, can now be made in silence, in the fresh air, on your e-bike. And also wonderfully relaxed, so you have much less stress.

Electric bike exercise


So to conclude Electric bikes are very good for exercise: 

  • You still have to pedal
  • And you can turn pedal assistance to zero so that you have a regular bike
  • You generally cover longer distances so you burn an equal amount of calories.


Are electric bikes good for fitness?

Yes, electric bikes are good for fitness. You still have to pedal the entire ride, you can switch off pedal assistance and E-bikers generally cover much longer distances.

Can you get fit on an electric bike?

Of course you can. You still need to put in the effort and pedal all the way. Riding your electric bike regularly will get you fit and in shape. It also helps with losing weight.

How much exercise do you get on an e-bike?

Depending on which pedal assist you set, you get a lot of exercise. If you put pedal assist on position 1 you will burn around 300 calories per hour on your electric bike.

Do electric bikes burn calories?

Yes because you still have to pedal. On your electric bike, you will burn around 300 calories per hour under regular conditions and around 400 calories under heavier conditions (lots of hills, pedal-assist at a minimum or off)

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