Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter for 2020

Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter

The Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter For 2023

The Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter For 2023

In the world of electric scooters, there are lots of different models to choose from, ranging from traditional kick-scooter look-a-likes with an electric motor to fat tire scooters that look more like a miniature Harley Davidson.

2022 was a successful year for all electric scooters but especially fat tire electric scooters, sales went through the roof this year. If you also want to get one but don’t know where to start, then we’ve got your back.

Fat tire electric scooters offer a comfortable drive due to the awesome stability the fat tires offer and the seat. Some models even have a dual seat which makes them the ultimate environmentally friendly cruiser.

We have reviewed 2 of the best and most popular fat tire electric scooters. They have similar features but are different in their own way.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a buyer’s guide explaining what you need to look out for and helping you make an informed decision if you do plan on buying an awesome fat tire electric scooter.

The reason we only put these 3 reviews up is that we tested a few more models but, to be honest, they were awful… There are several fat tire electric scooters on the market but most of them have very poor build quality, come with broken or missing parts, and are just not up to par.

So we choose the best two that have great build quality and that passed our test without any issues.

Because you’ve made it to this page it’s safe to say you’re interested in what the best fat tire electric scooter is, so let’s get into our review:

If you’re in a hurry and want to know the winner of our review, here it is 👇🏻👇🏻

Our Winner After 2 Full Days Of Research

MotoTec Knockout 60V 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter

The Mototec Knockout 60V 2000W

We’ve tested several fat tire scooters and the Mototec Knockout came out on top. It handles and drives well, and it handled every terrain we tested it on.


Our Rating


SpecsTop SpeedRangeMax LoadWeightBatteryCHECK THE PRICE 👇🏼
MOTOTEC KNOCKOUT+ 25mph (+ 40km/h)30 miles (48km)60 miles with 2 battery packs450lbs (204kg)200 lbs – 91 kg60V 36AhCHECK SCOOTER
MOTOTEC KNOCKOUT 1000w+ 25mph (+ 40km/h)20 miles (32km)450lbs (204kg)200 lbs – 91 kg60V 18AhCHECK SCOOTER
MOTOTEC VULCAN31mph (49kmh)20 miles (32km)310lbs (140kg)143 lbs – 65 kg48V 12AhCHECK SCOOTER
  1. Our Overall Top Pick: Mototec Knockout
MotoTec Knockout 60V 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter

The Mototec Knockout 2000w

We’ve tested several fat tire scooters and the Mototec Knockout came out on top. It can handle a driver weight of 450lbs – 204kg so it can take on two regular adults which is a big plus in our book.

$3,390 $2,159 And from $195/mo

Our Rating



MotoTec KnockOut Specs

Max Power: 2000WMax Speed: + 25mph – + 40km/hBattery: 60V 36AhTire Size: 225/55 – 8″
Range: 30 miles – 48km / 60 miles – 96km with 2 battery packsRider Weight: 450lbs – 204kgMax Incline: 30°Scooter weight: 200 lbs – 91 kg

MotoTec KnockOut fat tire Electric Scooter Review

The MotoTec KnockOut fat tire electric scooter is our top choice for the best fat tire electric scooter of 2022.

It looks awesome and it handles great.

When you first receive this scooter you will need to assemble a few parts but most of the scooter is already pre-assembled and everything is self-explanatory.


Because of its wide tires, 225/55/8 to be exact, you essentially don’t need a kickstand because the MotoTec KnockOut will balance itself.

These fat tires make for a very stable and smooth ride.

Standard Features

The MotoTec KnockOut comes standard with a padded seat, and from our tests has no problem carrying 2 large adult (450lbs – 204kg) for an extended period of time.

Safety features

Safety features include  Full LED lights front and rear, and a wide deck to put your feet on.

The MotoTec KnockOut has Full hydraulic brakes front and rear, providing safe braking conditions on any terrain.

MotoTec Knockout LED Lights


The premium hydraulic suspension absorbs any imperfections in the road and has no trouble with heavier people sitting on the scooter.

MotoTec Knockout Hydraulic shocks


The 2000w rear hub motor propels you to a top speed of + 25mph (+ 40km/h).

When we tested the MotoTec KnockOut with two people on it it still reached the same top speed.

Thanks to this 2000w motor the MotoTec KnockOut is able to climb hills and inclines up to 30 degrees which is pretty steep for an electric scooter in this class.


The MotoTec KnockOut features the latest in Electric Scooter battery technology.

The MotoTec KnockOut has two separate battery packs, 60V 18Ah Lithium Ion batteries for a combined 36Ah.

Improved Performance and Longer Range on two battery packs (30 miles (48km) with a single battery and 60 miles – 96km with the 2 battery packs)


Up to 1,500 charge cycles – 3x more than other fat tire scooter batteries.

The charging time is around 6 hours.

Weight and maximum load

The MotoTec KnockOut weighs in at 200lbs (90kg).

It has a maximum load is 450lbs (204kg)

Wheels and Tires:

The tires on the Mototec Knockout are massive 225/55-8 wide tires.

These tires are road tires and they deliver a very smooth, stable, and comfortable ride.


The MotoTec Knockout was great fun to ride.

I took a lot of trips with my girlfriend on the back and I never got into a situation that this scooter couldn’t handle.

I bought one myself after the tests I did, to write this review because I loved it so much and it was such a capable and fun fat tire scooter

Features of the MotoTec KnockOut:

  • Premium, hydraulic shocks for a smooth, controlled ride.
  • Charges in 4 – 6 hours with a standard 110 W outlet.
  • Electronics are neatly tucked away and hidden from the elements.
  • Spring-loaded kickstand.
  • 1-piece welded handlebar assembly for added safety.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Premium seat, with extra padding for a more comfortable ride.
  • Ultra-bright LED headlight 
  • High-powered, 2000 W electric motor stored safely inside the wheel hub
  • Wide tires for stability and easy balancing

Pros and Cons:

Superb brakes front and rear

With a 450lbs (205kg) load capacity can carry two adults with ease

Very comfortable suspension

Sexy looks

Fat tires make for a smooth and comfortable ride

turn radius is quite large

2) The Runner Up

The Mototec Knockout 1000W Fat Tire Scooter

A worthy rival to its bigger (more powerful) brother, the Mototec KnockOut 2000W. This is a very capable and incredibly fun fat tire electric scooter to ride.

Our Rating



Mototec Regular Fat Tire Scooter Specs:

Max Power: 2000WMax Speed: 32mph – 50,5km/hBattery: 60V 18AhTire Size: 255/55 – 8″
Range: 20 miles – 32kmRider Weight: 450 lbs – 204 kgMax Incline: 25°Scooter weight: 200 lbs – 91 kg

MotoTec Knockout 1000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter Review

The MotoTec Fat Tire is our second choice for the best fat tire electric scooter.

It is an awesome scooter offering a lot of bang for your buck.

Like other fat tire electric scooters, the MotoTec Fat Tire Scooter is a joy to ride on and a lot of fun.


The MotoTec Fat Tire has a powerful 2000w motor with a top speed of  +32mph – 50,5km/h

Thanks to its 2000w motor the MotoTec Fat Tire is able to climb hills up to 25 degrees, making sure you can tackle any hill or incline that comes in your way.


The 60v 18Ah battery is powerful enough for a range of 20 miles – 32km.

Charging time is 6 to 8 hours which is pretty standard in the electric scooter industry.


To stop this big electric scooter MotoTec fitted high-performance hydraulic disk brakes in both the front and the rear.

It also comes standard with a key ignition lock.

The 9″ wide 225/55 8-inch tires give it excellent road performance, and it feels stable at any speed in any situation. Even in wet conditions, the scooter stayed perfectly stable.

Standard Features

The MotoTec Fat Tire Scooter comes standard with a Full LED headlight front and rear, a key ignition, a kickstand, and a license plate bracket. The weight limit of 450lbs – 204Kg (2 full-size adults) resembles the tests we did for this review. The variable throttle is in our view better than the gas lever on most electric scooters and responds very well.


This scooter has inflatable tires (225-55-18 on our review unit) which are very comfortable but can leave you with a flat tire if you’re not careful. The tires on the MotoTec Fat Tire Scooter are road tires.

These 18-inch tires provide enough cushioning to compensate that this scooter has NO shock absorbers. The tires offer enough dampening even with two adults, but the MotoTec KnockOut above provides a smoother ride thanks to its hydraulic shocks.

PRO TIP: You can optionally use Run Flat tire sealant when you ever have a flat tire.

Weight and maximum load

The MotoTec Fat Tire Scooter weighs 200 lbs – 91 kg making it a big and heavy scooter, but also a very stable one and it offers a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its size and wide tires.

The maximum load (this scooter can take is 450lbs – 204Kg)

In our test, we drove it with two adults (for a combined weight of 396lbs) on various roads with flat surfaces and inclines and it reached its advertised top speed of 25mph (40km/h). It had no trouble getting to that speed and maintaining it.

NOTE: Because it only has a seat for one driver, it wasn’t a comfortable test to perform, but to see if the advertised numbers were correct, we did it anyway.

Wheels and Tires:

The beefy tires on the Mototec Fat Tire scooter are 225/55-8 wide.

These tires are road tires and deliver a very comfortable and smooth ride.


The MotoTec Fat Tire Scooter put a smile on my face every time I drove it.

I got many thumbs-up and head-turning looks when I drove it.

This is a great fat tire electric scooter for anyone looking to commute (when you don’t need to take it with you on the train or bus) or just to cruise around, go to the park, or the shop. All in all an awesome fun scooter to ride and a worthy rival to its bigger and more powerful brother.

Standard features of the MotoTec Fat Tire Scooter:

  • 2000W rear hub motor
  • 60V 18Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Dual Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • On-road Tires
  • Atmospheric LED Light
  • Climbing Grade 30°
  • Maximum 450lb (204kg) Load
  • Variable Throttle
  • Very rugged and durable design, with its hi-tense steel frame.
  • Gorgeous design (our personal opinion of course)

Pros and Cons:

Full hydraulic brake system

20 miles – 32km range

Very powerful motor

awesome build quality

Great looks

No suspension

Basic display

3 Second Runner Up

The MotoTec Vulcan

This is an awesome fat tire electric scooter for its price. It is very quick and has off-road capabilities.


Our Rating


The MotoTec Vulcan Specs:

Max Power: 1600WMax Speed: 31mph – 48 km/hBattery: 48V 12AhTire Size: 145/70 6″
Range: 20 miles – 32kmRider Weight: 310 lbs – 140 kgMax Incline: 20°Scooter weight: 143 lbs – 65 kg

This scooter is lots of fun, and very capable on all types of terrain. It has a 1600w motor which makes it very powerful. 

So powerful in fact that the max load capacity is 310lbs – 140kg (making it very suitable for heavy adults).

Battery power, Range and Speed:

The Mototec Vulcan combines four 12V 12Ah LG Batteries for 48V total.

The range is 20 miles – 32 km which will almost certainly get you to your destination.

The top speed is 31mph – 50km/h which is average for this type of scooter.

Rider Weight:

The max load capacity is 310lbs – 140kg  (making it very suitable for heavy adults).


To stop this beefy fat tire electric scooter there are very grippy disc brakes in the front and the rear. The brakes felt safe and up to the job. I remember that on the test ride, I had to slam the brakes for a car that took a right without even looking in its mirror and I stopped safely and in time, so even in emergency situations these disk brakes offer plenty of grip.

Mototec vulcan brakes

More Features:

The big 145/70/16 tires are really grippy and can handle both on-road and off-road terrain.

We tested the Mototec Vulcan on tarmac, sand, gravel, and on the beach and we were really impressed by its power and performance on all these terrains. Although I have to warn you that riding on the beach with scooters that have big fat tires like this Vulcan, the sand gets into places you wouldn’t have thought possible if you don’t suit up properly.

The Mototec Vulcan fat tire scooter also comes with a removable padded seat. We preferred this seat over no seat because the deck is wide but not straight. There is a curve on the deck which makes for a bit of an awkward ride.

If you are looking for a foldable fat tire scooter, then you’ve found it. This is the only fat tire electric scooter model we know of that is foldable.

Truth be told that although it is foldable, it isn’t very portable due to its weight of 143 lbs – 65 kg. I go to the gym 4 times a week and I had trouble carrying this scooter for longer than 5 minutes.

One more thing to note is that with this particular fat tire electric scooter, its motor is connected to the rear wheel through a chain, which is the same system a dirt bike uses. This setup multiplies the torque the motor provides and enhances the Vulcan’s off-road capabilities.

I had a blast with it in the dunes and on nature trails where I live, it was very fun off-road. The fact that the Vulcan comes with off-road tires just added to the fun, and makes it very capable on uneven terrain.

Charging time:

The charging time is around 6 hours, but it is a very powerful battery so that makes up for the longer charging time. I plugged it in before I went to bed and it was always fully charged when I went to the office with it.


The suspension is very good at soaking up speed bumps and potholes. In the front, there is a single suspension shock and in the rear a Dual suspension. This electric scooter does a good job of providing you with a smooth ride.

Wheels and Tires:

The Vulcan’s tires aren’t as big as its bigger brothers’ tires but they still come in at 145/70-6 which are really beefy tires.

The tires are also knobbed making them also suitable for going off-road, and they are pneumatic.

Standard features of the MotoTec Vulcan:

  • 1600W – Brushless motor
  • 48V 12Ah LG Battery
  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Front Suspension and Rear Dual Shock Suspension
  • 145/70-6 pneumatic Tires
  • High Tense Steel Frame
  • Climbing Grade 20°
  • Maximum 310lbs – 140kg Load

Pros and Cons:

Chain Drive System

It can take on any terrain

Off-road capable tires

Very smooth ride

Good build quality

Long battery charging time

Deck oddly shaped

The Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter 2022 – Buyers Guide

Fat tire scooters are awesome looking electric scooters that can tackle any road you throw at, and most of them will ride it with two adults in a very comfortable and easy way.

2 adults can fit on a fat tire scooter

We often got very positive comments when testing these scooters in the city and at the beach. Lots of people came to ask where they could get one, and even took pictures of them, saying things like “what a sexy looking scooter” and “I want one too, tell me where to buy it”

Apart from the many positive feedback we got, both the VulcanScooter and the Mototec Knockout and regular fat tire Scooters drove and handled very well.

When you master how to lean sideways in a corner you don’t need to turn the steering.The battery capacity was very good and the range was as advertised.

Pro’s and Con’s of buying a fat tire electric scooter over a regular electric scooter

Advantages of a fat tire electric scooter are:

– 30+ miles of range on a single charge

– Top speed of 20 mph

– Can carry 2 passengers in comfort

– ABS and Full hydraulic suspension for extra safety

– Very good handling because of the low deck and low center of gravity

– You can sit or stand on it

Disadvantages of a fat tire electric scooter are:

– Because of their low deck, they can scrape in tight turns

Will you use a fat tire scooter to commute?

If you don’t have to take a train on your way to work, then you don’t need a regular foldable electric scooter to commute.

If you have the space to park it where you work and don’t need a foldable scooter then a fat tire scooter is a great option.

They are a ton of fun and will put a smile on your face every time you drive it to work or wherever you take it.

fat tire electric scooter review

Not just to commute…

A fat tire scooter is also very fun and practical to go grocery shopping (provided you don’t need a ton of groceries)

We also enjoyed it a lot during the weekends for just cruising around, it is such a joy to just cruise along on one of these (and see those jealous faces as you drive by).


All in all fat tire electric scooters are tons of fun and very comfortable and practical rides that will save you gas and put a very big smile on your face whenever you take it out for a drive.

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