Can I bring an electric scooter inside a movie theater (like AMC) or a cinema

Can I bring an electric scooter inside a movie theater (like AMC) or a cinema?

I was wondering if I could bring an electric scooter in a movie theater or cinema a while ago when I went to see a movie with some friends. 

Before taking my scooter and risking not being allowed in, I first went to the guy checking the tickets to ask this question.

The movie theater’s response to whether you can bring an electric scooter in a movie theater or cinema?

The person checking the tickets as well as the person at the box office told me that most theaters allow you to bring an electric scooter inside the building, and some require you to leave it at the service desk/box office (but that means that there is always someone keeping an eye on it for you, so it won’t get stolen) or you can bring it in IF you can fold it and put it tucked away under your seat.

The reason your Escooter needs to be completely tucked away under your seat is “In the US and most countries around the world there are clear rules regarding fire safety, so the aisles remain clear of any dangerous situations where people can trip over objects obstructing the aisle. And also in general so people don’t trip and fall because of objects that are on the ground, that can’t be seen when it’s dark in the theater.” is what they both said. 

This was in an AMC and other movie theater chains may have different policies. However I phoned around a bit to other movie theaters and nobody said anything that they explicitly prohibit you from bringing your Electric scooter into the theater, as long as you use common sense, and don’t block other people’s passage in the aisle and the theater in general.

So it’s safe to say that you can bring an electric scooter inside a movie theater, or cinema. If you want to be 100% sure it’s always a good idea to call ahead and ask.

So there you have it, take your scooter with you on a movie night, grab a popcorn, and enjoy the movie.

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