Can You Bring An Electric Scooter In A Store

Can You Bring An Electric Scooter In A Store? Explained

When you use an electric scooter to commute, there are times when you need to stop at the (grocery) store to pick up something. If you leave your E-scooter outside the store, you risk it getting stolen. Let’s discuss if you can take your scooter with you into the store.

Can you bring an electric scooter with you into the store?

Okay, to start there are no laws stating you can’t take an E-scooter with you in a store. But that means that it is up to individual stores to allow or disallow this.

It is prohibited to ride your electric scooter inside the store but if you fold it and carry it with you, there shouldn’t be any problems.

A shopping cart and a stroller are allowed so why wouldn’t a folded scooter be prohibited?

I have taken my E-scooter with me inside several stores and most of them had no problem at all with this.

I have only had one problem with a lady that said it was prohibited, but when I asked her if this was stated in the shop’s rules of regulation, she couldn’t show me and called in the manager. 

When the manager came he also couldn’t show me where it was stated. There were several people standing at the side listening to the conversation, and the manager decided to grant me to take my scooter with me into the shop. 

I declined because I could see he was pressured a bit into making that decision, perhaps with the fear of getting a bad online review.

I won’t be mentioning that store, but it was only to show you that I only ever experienced a rejection once, most stores are okay with you bringing your electric scooter into the store.

E-scooters are becoming increasingly popular, and shop assistants are getting used to seeing them daily.


As stated there is no law prohibiting you from bringing your electric scooter with you inside a store, but it’s best to check with staff before you enter if they are okay with you bringing your E-scooter with you in their store. 

And in the rare event that they decline, it’s better to leave your scooter outside the store or drive to a nearby store to see if they allow it.

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