Can You Bring An Electric Scooter On Amtrak

Can You Bring An Electric Scooter On Amtrak?

So you want to take your electric scooter with you on an Amtrak? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I have tested it out for you because I couldn’t get a clear answer anywhere.

Can you bring an electric scooter with you on an Amtrak?

First, I will say that there isn’t anything stated on the Amtrak website about Electric scooters, only about electric bikes.

I have contacted the Amtrak contact center twice and the first time the operator said she didn’t know the answer. The second operator said it was prohibited, even though when I asked where it was stated, he couldn’t give a concise answer.

So I decided to give it a shot and took it with me on a round trip. The first time the conductor said it wasn’t a problem as long as I didn’t ride it on board (which I would never do) and to keep it with me the whole trip. 

On the way back I had another conductor who also didn’t mind but asked if I could put it in the overhead space and if it wouldn’t fit that I would put it in the first-floor bike storage area.

I asked him about the rules and explained that there was nothing about E-scooters on the Amtrak website, and he replied that as far as most conductors are concerned that they fall under the same category and rules as the E-bikes. Here is the page with the E-bike rules for Amtrak. It’s in the middle of the page.


As stated above there is uncertainty on the website of Amtrak and in their call center, but on the train itself, the conductors are really tolerant. 

And in the rare event that they decline you’re better off taking another means of transportation.

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