Can you still burn calories on an electric bike? (Explained)

We all know that cycling is good for your health. But what about the number of calories burned on an electric bike? And is an e-bike just as healthy as a regular bike? We’ve sorted it out for you:

Can you still burn calories on an electric bike

Burning calories on an electric bike

Although burning calorie differs greatly per person, the average calorie burned with cycling on an e-bike is a bit lower than on a normal bike. 

This is of course because you are partially ‘assisted’ when pedaling on an e-bike. Cycling on an electric bike can therefore be experienced as less strenuous than on a normal bike. 

For example, while cycling in the heavy wind on an e-bike you need to pedal less heavily.  

How many calories do you burn on an electric bike?

The ultimate number of calories that you can burn while cycling on an e-bike mainly depends on the speed and the selected support position. 

For example, cycling with low electrical assistance burns about 250 calories per 6 Miles – 10 km. Do you use a high assist position while cycling? Then about 150 calories are burned per 6 Miles – 10 km. 

The higher the assist level, the less hard you have to pedal yourself, and the fewer calories are ultimately burned.

Benefits of e-bikes on your health 

E-bikers cycle longer on average than people on a regular bike. Calling e-bikers ‘lazy’ is therefore completely unjustified! 

Because pedaling on an electric bike is less heavy than on a normal bike, people enjoy being active more quickly for a longer period of time. In other words, electric bikes make cycling physically easier and therefore more fun. 

Electric bike owners are more likely to take the bike instead of the car, ultimately leading to more total movement. The bike rides that people make are often longer on an e-bike, and the calorie-burning process is longer than on a regular bike.

E-bike or regular bike?

When we compare the total calories burned while cycling on an e-bike to cycling on a normal bike, this differs about 35 calories per hour. Cycling on an e-bike, therefore, burns fewer calories on average than on a normal bike, but the calories are burned much more easily on an e-bike.

Ultimately, cycling on an e-bike is just as healthy or even healthier for your health than on a normal bike. Electric bikes ensure that you get more pleasure from cycling and that you take the bike more often instead of the car. This way you burn more calories in the long term and you also contribute to a better environment! Talk about a win-win.

E-bike owners also generally get more daily exercise as many choose to use the electric bike for commuting. Do you regularly use the car or public transport to go to work? Then read this article about why switching to electric bikes to work is a great idea! 

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