Can You Take A Passenger On An Electric Scooter

Can You Take A Passenger On An Electric Scooter? Explained!

The electric scooter is designed for one person, just like you used to stand alone on your scooter as a child.

A question that is regularly asked: are there actually e-scooters for two people?

Does that question also cross your mind? Below we answer your question about an electric scooter for 2 people.

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Can you ride an electric scooter with two people?

In most countries, it is NOT PROHIBITED to ride an electric scooter with two people. The highway code in most countries (for the time being) does not provide any legislation in this area. At the time of writing, measures are being prepared. 

I have an international audience on this blog so I can’t write down the rules for every country, so be sure to check what the legislation in your region/country prescribes so you don’t incur a fine.

Two kids on an e-scooter?

You see it sometimes: two children having a lot of fun together on one scooter. We all did it ourselves as kids.

Yes, that was laughing. But controlling the steering wheel, and thus keeping your scooter, was not very easy. So the fun for 2 children on one scooter was soon over.

We do not recommend this for safety reasons.

Two adults on one scooter?

We can well imagine that as an adult you sometimes want to go on one E-scooter with the two of you.

Amusing. But we have to disappoint you: there are drawbacks to this, if you have an accident while you are on a 1-person E-scooter together with someone else, things can get ugly, because most E-scooters are not made for carrying two full-sized adults. So it’s better to avoid it.

However: the good news is that there are electric scooters for 2 people!

Do you want something a little safer with two people on one e-scooter? Then choose an E-scooter with a seat. Electric scooters with a seat are much better suited for 2-person scooter fun than regular e-scooters.

You immediately understand why electric scooters are also called e-scooters. They have a seat, where you can sit down with two.

Is that comfortable for longer rides? No, but that’s not what they’re meant for. For example, EVO has a nice model, designed for city traffic.

Saddled electric scooter

When you see an electric scooter for adults with a saddle for the first time, it may be a bit confusing.

Is this E-scooter with a seat intended for the elderly? Is it actually an electric scooter? And just to be clear, we are talking about full-fledged e-scooters with a saddle and usually with fat tires.

The advantages of an electric scooter for 2 people

Why should you choose an E-scooter with a seat? Very simple, an electric scooter with a saddle has several advantages:

As a couple on one Electric scooter

Are you a couple, lovers? Then you don’t need two electric scooters for adults. One E-scooter for 2 people is sufficient, and that means saving money in the process.

Comfortable long e-scooters

Some people find standing on an electric scooter for a long time tiring. Certainly, on a route with quite a few bends, thresholds, etc., it also demands a lot from you.

How wonderful is it that you can decide at any time to sit on your electric scooter with a saddle? Comfort is important on an electric scooter.

Two adults on an electric scooter
Two adults on an electric scooter with a seat | image credit

Electric scooters with or without a saddle

That is very handy, a seat on your more or less cheap E-scooter. But again not always. Sometimes you just want to ride e-scooters in a cool standing position, and you might even curse that saddle every now and then.

Of course, designers and manufacturers of electric scooters for 2 people have thought about this.

Load capacity and weight

Keep in mind that an electric scooter with a seat is a lot more robust than a regular E-scooter. Of course not only because of the construction with a saddle, which is missing on an average electric scooter.

No, the entire e-scooter with a seat is designed to safely transport two people. And so it is a lot heavier than other electric scooters.

Do check what the load capacity of your electric scooter with a seat is. Add up your weights and compare that with the number that is mentioned as the maximum load capacity in the description of your e-scooter.

Foldable e-scooters with a seat for 2 people?

Would you like to take your electric scooter for 2 people with you to use it elsewhere? Then check in advance whether it is foldable. So it takes up much less space. But most electric scooters that can carry two adults are not small and easy to carry.

E-scooters with a license plate

Electric scooters with a seat are often registered with a license plate. The advantage of this is that you can insure them. In this way, you can safely ride many miles on your E-scooter without having to worry about your scooter not being able to handle it or stop within a safe distance.

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