Can You Walk A Dog With An Electric Scooter

Can You Walk A Dog With An Electric Scooter? A Complete Guide!

Do you have a taste for it and do you prefer to take the scooter to work every day? Why stop there? Go for a scooter ride with your dog this weekend!

And yes, you can also scooter with the dog. In this article, you will read everything you need to know to make that your new favorite hobby.

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Why you should go walk your dog with an electric scooter

The electric scooter is now starting to conquer the pet domain.

More and more dog owners are discovering the benefits.

But why? What are those benefits?

  • The obvious benefit is you come outside to walk your dog, which is healthy for both of you. 
  • You have closer contact with your dog than on a bicycle.
  • It is also a lot more pleasant for the dog to run with you compared to a bicycle… 

Keep this in mind before you go walk your dog with an electric scooter:

It is good to take a few things into account before you go scootering with your dog.

For yourself

Anyone can ride an electric scooter. Take the right factors into account when purchasing, so that you buy an E-scooter that is comfortable for you. You probably already have one to drive to work or the store.

But don’t go too far or too fast because you can of course make it quite heavy for your four-legged friend. In any case, you are enjoying sports activities together with your dog.

For your dog

And your dog? He can enjoy some exercise if he isn’t a puppy anymore and is in good physical condition. Of course, it is all dependent on how well he behaves and whether he is suitable to run with you next to the scooter.

Does your dog tend to pull a lot on the leash during a walk? Then it is probably best to first take a course to unlearn that behavior. You will lose your balance a lot faster on an electric scooter. It is therefore very important that your dog listens carefully and stays close!

All dogs can run along with an E-scooter, but not all of them will feel like it. Also, take into account the physical condition and age of your dog!

Stick to the rules!

Last but certainly not least: take the traffic around you into account. In the eyes of the law, you are considered a cyclist as an E-scooter. So it is safer to behave like a cyclist. You are usually too fast for the sidewalk, but especially with your dog next to you, you can quickly cause unsafe situations there.

What do you need?

Okay, enough reasons to go riding with your dog. What do you need to safely do so? The most important thing is of course the scooter itself, but there are more handy items on the market that make scootering even more fun for your dog and yourself!

Which E-scooter do you choose?

Which dog scooter is ideal for you, of course, depends to a large extent on your own preferences.

You can walk your dog with every E-scooter. Nevertheless, there are a number of types of E-scooters that are ideally suited for walking your dog.

Choose a scooter with wide tires so that you can keep your balance better.

Also choose a scooter that is stable at low speeds and one that does not drive too fast, which is not necessary at all if you are going to ride with your dog.

Also, be aware that you have less control and balance on an E-scooter than when you go for a walk.

There is an electric scooter that you can put your dog in while driving called the Mopet (a Japanese E-scooter), but that is not what this article is about.

A harness for your dog

Many owners swear by the harness as an alternative to the collar. You can correct your dog more easily with it, but it is also a lot more comfortable for the dog itself than having a collar or chain around its neck.

If you go cycling or riding your electric scooter with your dog, a harness is essential. Please don’t be the person who goes a little too fast and pulls his dog on the collar behind him! You can imagine that it just feels like the dog is being strangled.

A harness that fits well, without buckles under the armpits (that will chafe). The airway should remain clear and the shoulders should not be too tight.

Dog harness for walking with an electric scooter
Dog harness

Keep your hands free

Something like the ruffwear roamer leash is ideal to keep your own hands free for steering and braking. Your dog is attached to your hip and has the freedom to run. The leash is made from bungee material so it extends and retracts giving the dog freedom and saving you from heavy pulls if your dog were to make a sprint or maneuver. It is therefore important that your dog is well trained to continue running on its own. After all, you don’t have the leash in your hands and can therefore make corrections less quickly.

A good alternative to that is the Walky Dog. This is a tube that can be attached to the frame of your bicycle or electric scooter. At the other end, attach your dog’s harness. This way there is always a fixed distance between you two while riding!

The Walky Dog is also easy to adjust to the height of your dog at the withers. For example, larger dogs like German Shepherds and Retrievers need two springs. One spring is best for smaller breeds of dogs.

And that’s how you tackle walking your dog with an electric scooter

Okay, you are now all set to get started. How do you go about walking your dog with an electric scooter?

The first time riding with your dog

When putting on the dog’s harness, keep some slack (about one finger width) between the leash and the dog’s chest. Of course, it is also important that the legs do not get trapped. A well-fitting dog harness is therefore essential. Get good advice about this. A good quality harness is important so that you have your hands free and your dog’s neck is not strained.

A few things to keep in mind so that riding remains fun for your dog!

Take it step by step

  • Have your dog sit or stand next to the scooter. 
  • Do not ride with the dog immediately, but first walk slowly so that the dog can get used to walking neatly in a straight line next to the scooter. So you still walk next to your scooter, so that you can easily correct it if necessary. 
  • Build up slowly until the dog has to jog slowly to keep up with you.
  • Now leash the dog on your waist belt or take the leash in your hand. Start again at a leisurely pace, but let the dog clearly see that moving forward is the goal.
  • Slowly return to jogging. If this also goes well, you can stand on the scooter yourself and continue calmly at the same pace.
  • Take your time and listen to yourself and your dog. Does the dog get scared? Then try again later from the point to where it went well. If necessary, go home and try again the next day.

How do you ride your electric scooter with the dog?

Preferably let your dog walk to the right of your scooter. You and the scooter are then a kind of shield between your dog and oncoming traffic. Unless you live in the UK or Japan or other left-hand driving countries of course.

Start slow and build up

This is important for both you and your dog. Riding an E-scooter with your dog next to you will require getting used to (for the both of you). Do not buy your first electric scooter and then immediately start driving with your dog. In that case, first, learn to keep your balance at different speeds before you drive with your furry friend. 

My advice: start on a long, straight bike lane, at a quiet time of the day. This way you can quietly practice making speed, finding your balance, and a posture that feels good.

It is best to use a special leash (mentioned above) so that you have both hands free to steer and brake.

Your dog also needs to get used to it. To the E-scooter, but also to walking and running beside it. For example, put the scooter inside, so that your dog can get used to the smell. Also, attach him to it and drive the scooter around quietly, so that your dog can get used to the way of moving in the safe environment of his home.

And the speed?

You can make it as crazy as you want. From calmly at a walking pace, to riding fast where you even leave cyclists behind.

That’s my personal favorite. There is nothing like the somewhat strange look of a cyclist you pass on your electric scooter.

The ideal speed for a dog depends on the breed. The starting point should be that he walks relaxed. You can recognize this by a stable rhythm, where muscles and joints are loaded as little as possible.


Finally, the same guidelines apply to going on “normal” walks with your dog. Always have enough water with you to let your dog drink. Take it easy in warm weather. Be alert to hot asphalt or other dangerous surfaces for the feet.

And the most important thing is of course that you will have fun together!

Do you have doubts or questions about your own health or that of your dog? Always contact your doctor or veterinarian.


What do you need to ride an electric scooter with a dog?

In addition to a good electric scooter, of course, you also need a suitable harness in which your dog can run comfortably. 

Why should I go ride my electric scooter with my dog?

Running next to a scooter is more comfortable for a dog than next to a bicycle. This is because the scooter is lower and there are no dangerous things sticking out or rotating like the pedals and chain on a bicycle. The chance that the dog will get hurt is therefore much smaller.

What are the rules for scootering with a dog?

Especially with a dog running next to you, the most important advice is to pay attention to the traffic around you and to remain attentive.

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