Charging An Electric Scooter
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Charging An Electric Scooter – 13 Essential Tips Every Owner Should Know

Charging An Electric Scooter – 13 Essential Tips Every Owner Should Know

Charging An Electric Scooter – 13 Essential Tips Every Owner Should Know

There are many questions concerning charging an electric scooter.

That’s why I decided to bundle all the most common questions I get through email, and answer them here in one big Q&A post, let’s go:

Charging An Electric Scooter

There are many myths regarding charging an electric scooter, let’s debunk them once and for all.

  1. Can you charge an electric scooter overnight?

Yes, you can charge an electric scooter overnight because like most modern battery-powered devices they come standard with a chip that prevents your electric scooter from overcharging.

When the battery is fully charged during the night the scooter will stop charging and it will be fully charged in the morning ready for your commute or trip.

2 How long should I charge my electric scooter?

All electric scooters come with a manual that should clearly state the charging time. 

Most electric scooters take 3 to 6 hours to charge, but this depends on the model and brand.

It’s important to note that the more powerful electric scooters can be charged quicker with the help of a fast charger.

This usually cuts charging times in half, which can be useful, because some electric scooters like the Dualtron X2 have a standard charging time of around 18 hours and with a fast charger that goes down to 8 hours.

3 Do electric scooters use a lot of electricity?

At the time of writing the average price a residential customer in the United States pays for electricity is 13.31 cents per kWh. Source

Every electric scooter is different in wattage and volts and range. But let’s calculate taking an average of most scooters today:

Most electric scooter models use an 8Ah battery at 36v so that’s 0.288KWh.

They have an average range of around 48 Miles – 30 kilometers on a charge give or take.

So a full charge would cost 3,833 cents.

So to answer the question “How much do electric scooters cost to charge?“ lets say you ride (and charge) Monday through Friday every week of the month, that would be 19,415 cents per week, 77,66 cents per month, and $9,31 per year.

So the average electric scooter use an average of $10 electricity per year to charge.

4. How do I know if my electric scooter is charging?

Very simple, if the light of your electric scooter’s charger displays a steady green light, you know it is fully charged.

How do I know if my electric scooter is charging?

5. Are electric scooters expensive to run?

As stated above, the average daily cost of running an electric scooter is 3,8 cents per day. So no electric scooters are NOT expensive to run, especially compared to a regular scooter or car or any other motorized vehicle for that matter.

The other thing to consider besides the cost of electricity is maintenance.

The yearly cost for running an electric scooter is on average $135:

Disk brakes: Brake pads 1250 Miles – 2000km, $20 Brake rotor estimate 1900 Miles –  3000km, $20

Drum brakes: Brake pads/brake assembly estimate 1250 – 3700 Miles – 2000 – 4000km, < $100

Battery: 3-5 years, $500-1000

Pneumatic tires: Rubber tire, rear 620 Miles – 1000km, front 1250 Miles – 2000km, $15 Tube (this is only if you have pneumatic tires, not if you have solid tires)

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6. Can you charge an electric scooter while riding? 

No, you can’t charge an electric scooter while riding because your scooter’s charger requires an outlet.

Even a converter to run the charger would need 12V and a hefty battery.

And a power bank or mobile phone isn’t powerful enough to power the charger and in turn your electric scooter.

7. Should I charge my scooter 100%? 

Yes you should, studies show that charging a Li-Ion to 100% gives you longer battery life.

Here is a good video explaining why:

8. Do you have to charge a new scooter battery? 

Yes, you have to charge a new electric scooter battery.

The reason being that the manufacturer might not have put a fully charged battery in the first place, or maybe the transport took a long time and this drained the battery, or it was stored for several weeks before you placed your order, all of these factors will make the battery drain and that’s why you should always charge a new battery when you receive your electric scooter for the first time.

9. Your Electric scooter’s first charge  

It’s always an exciting moment when your new electric scooter gets delivered to your door. Maybe it’s your first electric scooter ever, which makes it even more exciting.

After you’ve assembled it you are stuck wondering how to deal with the first charge.

As you’ve read above you always need to charge a new electric scooter’s battery.

The very first charge you will make is recommended to let it charge for 12 hours, even when the light on your charger turns green, leave it charging until you reach those 12 hours.

One thing to note is to always plug your charger into the outlet FIRST and second your scooter. The reason is to avoid malfunctions and/or short circuits.

You’ve just parted with your hard-earned cash for your new electric scooter, you don’t want it damaged. If something were to happen when you plug in the charger, then only the charger is damaged and not your new and shiny toy.

10. Do you charge an electric scooter on or off?  

You charge your electric scooter turned OFF, don’t leave it on because you have a greater chance of something going wrong or getting damaged when your scooter is turned on.

11. Can I charge an electric scooter at home?  

YES, you can charge an electric scooter at home. Electric scooters need to be charged through a wall outlet, so your home is the perfect place.

You can take your charger with you to work of course, because anywhere you have access to an outlet, you can charge your scooter.

You can even charge your electric scooter in your car if you have a 12V to 110V-220V (depending on where you live) converter.

One thing to add is that you should always charge your scooter in a dry and warm place.

Dry is the key here because chargers and electricity don’t mix well together with moisture, so make sure if you charge your electric scooter in the garage, that it’s dry and (in winter) warm enough.

12. How often should I charge my electric scooter?  

You should charge your electric scooter after every ride.

It’s always best to have a battery that is over 50%. 

If you are planning to store it for some time (maybe for winter) then you should fully charge it to 100% and after 2 months fully charge it again.

13. Should I charge my electric scooter after every ride?

YES, you should charge your electric scooter after every ride.

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