Does my electric bike battery need to be replaced

Does my electric bike battery need to be replaced? 5 signs to watch out for:

Regular cycling keeps you young, healthy, and fit. In order to continue cycling, it is important that not only yourself but also your electric bike battery remains healthy and fit.

A bike battery lasts on average between 5 and 8 years if you maintain the battery properly (Read our article on electric bike battery maintenance). The battery is and remains a vulnerable part of an electric bike. When is it time for your electric bike battery to be replaced? Pay attention to these 5 signals to monitor the health of your battery. With a bike battery, one signal is more clear than the other, but it is your battery that needs to be replaced, and not your bike.

Does my electric bike battery need to be replaced
  1. The battery has damage

If your electric bike battery is damaged by, for example, a (severe) fall and/or has noticeable damage to the outer housing, it is advisable to replace it. The damage makes your battery more sensitive to short circuits due to heat or moisture. Due to the fall, battery cells may have shifted in the battery. This can lead to a short circuit with additional smoke development or even large flames. The battery cannot be extinguished with water at that time. The best way to control the fire is with sand.

  1. The range decreases quickly

When your electric bike battery is wearing out, the range may decrease quickly. Your battery is currently indicating that it is 100% charged, but the maximum range is no longer reached. This will be less noticeable if you mainly drive short distances. In this respect, you can compare a bike battery with the battery of a mobile phone.

  1. Charging takes longer

You are used to your battery charging quickly and completely. Over time, you may notice that your battery charges more and more slowly to full capacity. This may indicate wear and tear on your bike battery. Not only does it load less quickly, but it also burns out faster. In the long run, this will be the case with almost every battery. The energy cells in a bike battery lose approximately 10-15% of charging capacity per year. This is normal, but with a battery that has had its day, the difference between then and now is prominent and charging actually takes significantly longer.

  1. Full charging is no longer possible

It is also possible that your battery no longer charges to the full 100%. This no longer being able to fully charge is a signal where the battery, for example, does not go further than 95%. This does not necessarily have to be a problem if you continue to reach the desired destination(s) with your electric bike. However, it is a signal that your battery is subject to wear.

  1. The battery no longer charges at all.

This signal hardly needs any further explanation. It’s an obvious sign that your battery needs to be replaced. If your battery no longer charges when correctly attached to the adapter, then it’s done. Of course, this does not mean that you have to buy a new bike, but you do have to replace your bike battery. A good investment to last for years to come!

A new electric bike battery 

If you recognize yourself in one of the above situations, that’s a clear sign your electric bike’s battery needs to be replaced. We recommend that you purchase a new battery for your electric bike. With a new battery, you can fully enjoy cycling on your e-bike again for many years to come.

Handing in the old battery

Does your battery really need to be replaced and are you going to buy a new one? If you have your electric bike’s battery changed by an authorized bike shop, they will dispose of the battery.


How do you dispose of an electric bike battery?

Do a search for “battery recycling” in your local area and you are sure to find specialized services that recycle electric bike batteries. Never throw them away in the regular garbage.

What happens when an e-bike battery dies?

You will have a regular bicycle where you don’t have assisted pedal support. You don’t need to worry, you can still get home and use your E-bike like a regular bicycle.

What are electric bike batteries made of?

Electric bike batteries are almost always Lithium-Ion.

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