E-bike Battery Temperature

E-bike battery temperature – 3 Things you need to know

Are you a real cycling holiday fanatic? And do you like to take the e-bike abroad to make wonderful cycling trips? Then it is very important that you know how to maintain the battery of your electric bike in warm weather.  

bike batteries cannot withstand extreme temperatures, so they must always be carefully maintained in summer climates. 

You don’t want the range of your battery to decrease, or for your battery to suddenly stop working and you have to continue without pedal support while making a long bike ride through the mountains.  

Did you know that?  

An electric bike battery performs best at temperatures between 50° and 77°F – 10° and 25°C. 

E-bike battery in the sun 

On a cycling holiday, it is the intention that you can enjoy the scenery and the surroundings. This is no problem at all for your bike battery since the battery gets some cooling during cycling due to the wind. 

What is extremely important is that when you are not cycling, for example, to eat a sandwich during a short break, that you never put your electric bike and especially the battery directly in the sun!  

Always try to put your electric bike in the shade! Is there no shade to be found at that moment? Then disconnect your battery from the bike and take it with you to a shaded spot. 

Put the battery in a storage bag. This allows the battery to cool down a bit and prevents temperature damage.   

E-bike Battery Temperature

E-bike Battery overheated 

My battery is overheated, what now? If your bike battery has been in the sun for too long, it may overheat. This can sometimes be dangerous and create potential battery damage. 

If your battery feels too hot, make sure to let the battery cool for a while in the shade or in a cool place until the battery has returned to room temperature. 

Does the battery remain hot even after a long time? Then it is possible that your battery is broken and needs to be replaced. Have this checked as soon as possible at a local electric bike or battery specialist.   

Recharging the battery 

Especially during long journeys on a cycling holiday, you may sometimes have to recharge your battery in between trips. Especially in (extreme) heat, it is important that you let the bike battery cool down before you put the battery on the charger. 

A hot battery can be damaged during charging. 

It is also smart not to fully charge the battery in very hot weather. 

If you choose to charge the battery with a fast charger, we advise you to make sure that the battery temperature remains low.  

Do you want to be really well prepared and always be sure that if your battery overheats you can still continue cycling? In that case, buying and taking a second battery is also an option. 

Cycling holiday with an electric bike 

Not only the battery but also you yourself must remain well protected against the hot sun during a cycling holiday on the e-bike. 

So never forget to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and enough water for the road. 

By following these tips, we hope that you can cover many pleasant and safe kilometers with your electric bike.

Electric bike battery temperature FAQ:

Does cold affect an E-bike battery?

Yes, it does. Due to the cold, your battery will not perform at its peak performance. In the wintertime, it’s advised to remove the battery and take it with you inside at room temperature.

Do e-bike batteries get hot?

Yes, electric bike batteries get hot. And they can overheat when exposed to direct sunlight in summer. Read the article above for tips on how to prevent that.

Does cold affect an E-bike battery?

Yes, it does. The cold can really affect your E-bike’s battery. Don’t leave the battery on the bike in the winter when it’s freezing cold. Take it with you inside where it is nice and warm. Room temperature, or slightly cooler (50°F – 77°F / 10ºC – 25ºC) is the ideal temperature, where the battery charges the fastest.

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