Ebike Battery location Pros And Cons

Ebike Battery location Pros And Cons! What Is The Best Location?

When choosing the electric bicycle that suits you, there are a lot of things to take into account. There is a good chance that you never thought about the placement of a battery in an electric bicycle before you started looking for an electric bicycle. The different placements do have some advantages and disadvantages. We will cover these in this article.

First electric bicycles

The first electric bicycles always had a battery on the frame. The battery was also located under the seat on certain models. This is actually a very logical choice because this is the best place for weight distribution. However, according to many people, this did not look so nice. It was very clear that you were cycling on an electric bicycle and most people did not find that desirable.

For this reason, the batteries were increasingly placed under the luggage carrier. Here it is less noticeable and with bicycle bags, you will no longer see the battery at all.

Today there is less and less taboo on electric bicycles. People in their twenties and thirties cycle with pride on expensive and luxurious electric bicycles. Many people also leave the car at home to commute to work with an electric bicycle. A very nice development. Partly because of this, the frame battery or ”In-Tube” battery is completely back.

Advantages Inner Tube battery / Frame Battery

A few years ago an Inner Tube battery was also by definition a fixed battery. So it was not removable. This is a disadvantage because then you cannot take your battery inside to charge it or for protection when it freezes. Nowadays, all In Tube batteries or batteries on the frame are also removable. The battery is in the frame, but you can easily remove it.

Inner Tube Ebike Battery


distribution As mentioned before, an In Tube battery is much better for the weight distribution of your bike. The weight is lower and more towards the center of the bike.


The capacity of a frame battery is usually larger. After all, you can also store a larger battery in this.

Advantages of the luggage carrier battery


A luggage carrier battery is less noticeable. This is of course an advantage if you prefer not to let your neighbors see that you ride an electric bicycle.

ebike luggage rack battery


Also, a luggage carrier battery is often easier and faster to remove. Do you have to take your battery into the office every day? Then a luggage carrier battery is very easy.


Often the luggage carrier batteries are a bit cheaper. Both when replacing and when purchasing your new bicycle. Models with an In Tube battery are usually a bit more expensive.

Battery under the front carrier

There are also some models on the market with a front wheel motor and a battery under the front carrier. This is the least favorable placement. The battery is located high in the bike and all the weight is at the front. So make sure that you avoid this placement at all times if you can. 

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