mototec 1000w 48v electric pocket bike

Electric Pocket Bike Review – Mototec 48V 1000Watt

Electric Pocket Bike Review

If you’ve ever ridden a pocket bike before you know they are very loud and very fast. At least you get the feeling that you go very fast because you sit so low to the ground on it.

I was wondering what that sensation would be like on an electric pocket bike, so I asked for a review unit of the Mototec 48V 1000W pocket bike, or superbike as they like to call it.

mototec 1000w 48v electric superbike

It’s the successor of the 24V 500W previous model. So it is twice as powerful, at least on paper. Let’s find out if it actually is.

But first let’s go through the technicals first:

The Motor:

The 1000W motor produces 1,33 horsepower, which may not seem like a lot but it packs a serious punch and can take on a rider weighing 250 Ibs – 113 kg.

It will reach a speed of 25 mph – 40 km/h which seems twice as fast due to the low seating position.

The motor is connected to the rear wheel through a chain, which was a bit noisy at times.


The Mototec electric pocket bike measures 47” Length, 25” Width, and 30” Height. So it is a bit bigger than a standard pocket bike.

The pocket bike itself weighs 127 Ibs – 57 kg, making it quite heavy to pick up and load in for example the back of a truck.

Wheels and tires:

This electric pocket bike comes with a set of full hydraulic disc brakes.

MotoTec pocket bike disc brakes

The rims are 8” metal wheels and they are equipped with a 90/65/8 air-filled tire in the front and a 130/50/8 air-filled tire in the back.

We took it down windy streets and long stretches of road and it never lost grip and handled very well in the corners. This takes us to the next part:


The Mototec electric pocket bike comes with a hydraulic fork suspension in the front and it has a rear shock absorber.

The suspension is up to the job and never felt wobbly or stiff.


The Mototec electric pocket bike is powered by a 48V Li-ion battery pack (four 12V 12Ah batteries) which delivers very fast acceleration and is lightweight compared to a standard battery.

Charging time is between 5 and 6 hours according to our testing. 


This electric pocket bike has a range of around 20 miles – 30 kilometers, we got 19,4 miles on average during our tests.

Practical info:

What’s included in the package: A charger, a key, and a battery meter.

The frame of this electric pocket bike is made out of steel and feels very sturdy. The build quality is very good.

The recommended age is 16 years old for this electric pocket bike and considering the fast acceleration and speed it can reach I think this is a fair statement. 

The seat is a faux leather seat that fits one person, the throttle has a variable twist grip which is easy to use and doesn’t strain the wrist when driving for a longer time.

The last thing to note is that the handlebars are not adjustable in height only in angle, Which I didn’t find a problem with because they are seated in a normal position for an adult.

The Mototec electric pocket bike is available in a black and orange color scheme. I thought it looked really nice, but that’s a personal preference.

Due to its small size, it can be stored almost anywhere, making it ideal for people living in an apartment, students in a dorm, etc.

Final thoughts:

The few weeks I had this Mototec electric pocket bike were a blast. It reminded me of my 2 petrol pocket bikes I had 15 years ago. 

They would however be no match against the instant torque that the electric motor provides, making it a true pocket rocket.

This Mototec electric pocket bike truly is twice as powerful as its predecessor, which was already a very quick and capable pocket bike.

So my final thoughts are that for everyone who wants to ride a slightly bigger and very capable and powerful electric pocket bike, this Mototec 48V 1000Watt model is for you, it will put a smile on your face every time you will get on.