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Electric Scooter 6 Winter Tips

Electric Scooter 6 Winter Tips 

Are you riding your electric scooter in the rain or winter:

Then you should pay attention to this:

When you think about riding an electric scooter, you think about sun and summer. But depending on where you live you can/must also ride your scooter in rain or in winter. If that’s you, you have to pay attention to this.

I have a great tip for you that will help you out a lot in the snow on your electric scooter.

The best winter tips for riding your electric scooter in the rain or winter conditions.

Some tips in this article are about the type of scooter you should buy, but there are also tips about the wheels and handling in changing weather conditions. Below you can read how you can safely ride your scooter in winter or during a heavy rain shower.

1. Make sure you have good wheels

Ok, this one might seem obvious but there are A LOT of people that don’t have the right tires for rainy or winter conditions. When you have been riding your electric scooter for a while, you will notice that the tread of the tires starts to wear out. You do not have to worry about this for the first months, but if you have already driven a few hundred miles or kilometers, you will see that the profile is a lot less.

By replacing the wheels before winter, but also by checking them regularly throughout the year, you ensure that your tire’s road-holding capability is optimal. It is also possible to buy special winter tires for some scooters. Check whether this is also the case with your electric scooter.

Don’t have special winter tires? Then see if you can let a little bit of air out of the tires so that they touch more of the ground. This gives you more grip and reduces your chances of falling or crashing.

2. Take good care of your battery, and your battery will in return take good care of you

The most important thing about your electric scooter is the battery. That is why you have to take good care of it. For example, there are a number of rules that you must follow to maximize the distance that you can ride with your electric scooter in winter. Because cold is not so good for a battery. Therefore, pay attention to the following:

  • Only charge your electric scooter with a warm (room temperature) battery. So not immediately after you enter from the freezing cold outdoors.
  • Charge your battery regularly, even if you are not riding your electric scooter for a few weeks.
  • Never artificially heat your battery, so take it inside and just wait an hour.
  • Always keep your battery in a place where it is warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s 5 degrees Celsius.

By the way, it is normal for a battery to have a shorter range in the winter. So are you used to driving 15 miles – 25 kilometers in the summer? Then it could be 12 miles – 20 kilometers or less in winter. After the summer this should automatically increase again.

3. Remove dirt from your scooter after every ride.

This tip is so important that we had to mention it separately. Because although it also applies in the summer and spring after a rain shower, this tip is especially applicable in the winter. In that season, there’s salt continuously on the bike lanes and streets.

The result?

Leaving the salt and dirt on your scooter can cause it to rust, thus damaging your electric scooter. Not quite the intention of course.

But by rinsing your electric scooter with tap water or wiping it with a wet cloth after use, you ensure that the salt cannot stick to your electric scooter.

This way it will look good and function as it should for years to come.

4. Use accessories for your electric scooter

In the summer and spring, the weather is awesome and the streets are clean. But as soon as the first snowflakes fall from the sky, everything changes. Everything becomes wet and slippery.

And so are you when you drive through puddles and melting snow at 15 miles – 25 kilometers per hour. But that’s not the only drawback. Because of these bad conditions motorists and other road users don’t see you as good. So take a look at the following four tips that will make your life or that of your electric scooter a lot more comfortable.

  • Buy fenders or you’ll get soaking wet.
  • Use good or extra lighting so that other road users see you.
  • Dry off the places on your scooter where water can get in and cause rust.

And then perhaps the best tip of all, the one I hinted at, at the start of the article:

Strip Cable Ties around your tires for extra grip in the snow. This has made a world of difference for me in the winter. You can thank me later.

Can you ride an electric scooter in winter?

5. Adapt your driving style

Safe driving has a completely different meaning in the summer than in the winter. While you can often drive at full throttle in the summer and make quick maneuvers easily, it is dangerous to do so in the winter or in a rain shower. Do you want to drive your electric scooter safe in winter? Then take the following into account:

  • Only make slow movements, without making fast turns or making movements with the steering wheel.
  • Only accelerate if you are driving straight ahead.
  • Do not brake when cornering.
  • When cornering, always have one leg ready on the inside of the bend to dismount as soon as the scooter starts to slide.
  • Do not drive on ice or crushed snow. You are guaranteed to fall if you drive over these.
  • Drive defensively. So keep in mind that other people are going to make mistakes.
  • Make eye contact with any road user who will cross your path.
  • Wear high visibility clothing like reflective vests, or use extra light.

6. Use extra protective clothing 

If you think you can wear the same thing on an electric scooter as on a bicycle, then you are wrong. Because on a bicycle you often only feel cold for the first 5 minutes, but you warm up afterward by exercising. You always stay cold on a scooter because you are standing still.

It is therefore crucial to put on extra layers of clothing, whether it is raining or snowing. Especially protect your hands. You need them to steer, brake, and accelerate, the three most important actions on your scooter. With frozen hands, it’s not only very uncomfortable to ride, but you may be too late to brake.

These were the 6 tips for driving your electric scooter in winter, stay safe and drive careful.

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