Electric Scooter Batteries – 6 Common Questions Answered

Electric Scooter Batteries – 6 Common Questions Answered

I get questions daily in my inbox from readers who have questions about their electric scooter’s batteries, so I decided to answer them here instead of one by one.

Electric Scooter Batteries

Here are the six most common questions I receive daily, I think every electric scooter owner can learn from these, enjoy:

1. Are electric scooter batteries safe?

YES, Electric scooter batteries are safe, because almost all electric scooter batteries (and E-bikes) are using Lithium-Ion technology. This means they have awesome charging and energy preserving capabilities, as well as longevity.

Swappable electric scooter batteries are a bit riskier in the sense that they are not completely integrated into the design and thus the contacts of the battery are more exposed to the elements, meaning they can wear more than the integrated models, resulting in a higher chance of malfunction.

An important thing to note here is that there are many “poor” quality aftermarket batteries available for many electric scooter models.

These poor-quality batteries have proved to have a much higher chance of malfunction or even worse explosion.

It’s tempting to buy an aftermarket battery and save 50% on the price of what that battery goes for in retail but be warned that it also comes with higher risk.

2. How many years does the battery on an electric scooter last?

There is no set time span for battery life but in general most electric scooter batteries last 3 to 4 years.

Remember this tip: most Li-Ion batteries can be charged (complete cycles from 0% to 100%) 300 to 450 times before they start to lose some of their capacity. For the average electric scooter owner, this will mean around 4000 miles to 9000 miles – 6400 Kilometer to 14,400 Kilometer.

Using the data above you can calculate what your monthly commute distance is and throw in some fun weekend trips on your electric scooter and you can have a sense of how long your electric scooter battery will last you.

We have 6 different electric scooters in our family and 5 of them we have over three and a half years. Of those 5 scooters 3 have recently had their battery replaced, and the fourth one isn’t holding its charge as it should so that one will need replacing soon too.

So typically 3 to 4 years before you need to change the battery on your electric scooter. 

If you only use it once in a while and not for commuting, then the battery will probably last longer, so it really depends on your situation and use.

Good battery care can really expand your electric scooter’s battery life.

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3. Can you replace the battery on an electric scooter?

Yes, you can replace the battery on an electric scooter. Almost all electric scooter models and brands have replaceable batteries.

Should you replace the battery on your electric scooter? That’s a different topic for discussion. The battery and the motor are usually the most expensive parts of an electric scooter. 

They have gotten cheaper over the years, and if you enjoy your model and brand of scooter it’s worth investing around ⅓ of the price that you bought your electric scooter for.

If you are thinking about an upgrade or an entirely different model altogether, then the price of replacing your scooter’s battery might not be wise because of the price tag involved.

4. How much does an electric scooter battery cost?

Most batteries for regular electric scooter models cost between $250 and $500

If you have a really high-end model like the Dualtron X2 a battery will cost you $2,800 or about half of what the scooter itself costs. This is an extreme example of a really high-end model.

Inokim light replacement batteries for example cost $320. For the more expensive and more powerful Inokim OX model, a replacement battery costs $699.

So as you can see prices really vary per electric scooter model and brand.

5. How long do electric scooter batteries last?

As stated above most Li-Ion batteries can be charged (complete cycles from 0% to 100%) 300 to 450 times before they start to lose some of their capacity.

For the average electric scooter owner, this will mean around 4000 miles to 9000 miles – 6400 Kilometer to 14,400 Kilometer

6. How do you take care of an electric scooter battery?

The best tip to take good care of your electric scooter battery is to always store your scooter indoors when you are not riding it.

This means always protect it from the elements, freezing cold, hot sun snow, and rain.

If you take your scooter to work try to bring it inside with you instead of leaving it outside.

This may seem obvious but protect it from moisture, because water and batteries don’t do well together.Always dry of your electric scooter if you drove through the rain.

Always charge your scooter’s battery before you store it. If you make sure your battery is always charged over 40%, your battery will last a lot longer, and battery life will be extended.

Keep your electric scooter and its battery in a dry place, and always use the correct charger that came with the scooter.

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