Electric Scooter Repair

Electric Scooter Repair – Everything You Need To Know

Once you’ve bought an e-scooter, you can expect to be able to e-scooter for a long time without any worries. You hope so too.

But just like your car sometimes has to go to the garage, and your bike sometimes has something wrong, your electric scooter can also break. An e-scooter repair is then necessary.

You may be able to do some things yourself or enlist the help of a handy friend. Otherwise, to have your electric scooter made, you will have to go to an e-scooter repairman.

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How quickly does an e-scooter break?

It is of course not easy, or even impossible, to indicate for your electric scooter how often it will break.

That depends on how intensively you use it and how you handle your e-scooter. And some of the lower-quality electric scooters are more likely to fail than others.

But a rule of thumb says that your e-scooter a repaired about every seven months or every 1,000 km.

We will explain to you a little later in this blog that you can influence this yourself.

Do you still have a warranty?

If something breaks on your e-scooter, always check whether you still have a warranty and whether this applies to this part of your electric scooter. That may save you an electric scooter repair.

What can go wrong with your electric scooter?

The number and type of braking systems differ greatly per electric scooter. Do you notice that your e-scooter does not brake as well? Or do you even have the idea that the brakes are not functioning properly? Then there is work to be done, and don’t wait!

You may be able to adjust the brakes yourself and the problem will be solved. If that doesn’t work, or if it is even impossible to do it yourself, be sure to find a repairman for your e-scooter.

And as probably happens with your bicycle, your electric scooter can also get a flat tire. If your e-scooter has pneumatic tires, of course. Especially at speed, you don’t see every nail or piece of glass on your route.

In one case you can fix a flat e-scooter tire yourself. Otherwise, a repairer of electric scooters is a better move.

Tires also wear out the more you use your electric scooter. The substrate also plays a role in this. Hopefully, you can replace a tire. If not, leave it to an e-scooter repairman. He is a professional in his field.

Charge your E-scooter battery wisely

Be smart about charging the batteries of your electric scooter. Don’t wait until the very last minute when they are almost empty. Doing this too often can shorten battery life. How unfortunate!

But don’t hang your e-scooter on the charger unnecessarily long and let your electric scooter cool down for a while if you have just used it. This way you prevent the batteries of your electric scooter from overheating.

Does your e-scooter last shorter and shorter on a fully charged battery? Then there is probably something wrong. Have this checked by an authorized technician? And yes, replacing batteries in an electric scooter can be expensive.

How do I charge my GoTrax scooter?

Doing maintenance yourself

You can influence the maintenance frequency of your electric scooter yourself. By performing regular maintenance on your e-scooter, you prevent your electric scooter from breaking down.

No matter how small your e-scooter is compared to other vehicles, your electric scooter also has many moving and rotating parts.

Perhaps you have already read maintenance tips in the manual? If not: occasionally greasing those moving parts will definitely extend the life of your e-scooter. And this also prevents unnecessary e-scooter repair.

Don’t repair it yourself

Even if you have a lot of technical knowledge, don’t tinker with your electric scooter yourself. You can do simple things yourself. But for real repairs to your e-scooter, you have to call in an e-scooter repairman.

Prevent you from breaking something, which ultimately only makes the repair of your electric scooter more expensive.

There is always a good e-scooter repairman to be found, especially in large cities. Sometimes bicycle shops and repair companies also provide this service.

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