Electric Scooter Tires: The Complete Guide

Electric Scooter Tires: The Complete Guide

You are on the fence for buying an electric scooter, and you might even have a model picked out, but you need more information on the difference between all the tires that are available.

There are solid tires, pneumatic tires and some electric scooters even have honeycomb tires.

Fear not, by the end of this information-packed article you will be an electric scooter tire expert, and you will know exactly which tires to go for in your situation.

Electric scooter pneumatic tires

When do you choose a scooter with pneumatic tires? (And when solid tires…)

Electric scooters are probably best known for small, solid tires. Yet they are also available with tires like the one on your bike.

If you compare scooters with solid tires with those with pneumatic tires, one thing will soon become apparent. Small tires come in both options, but scooters with larger tires are only available with pneumatic tires.

Why is that?

For the same reason that the tires on your bike are filled with air. If you were driving around with solid rubber tires at higher speeds, you would be kicked off by the amount of friction and deformation of the tires.

In addition, that air layer provides extra comfort while driving. Anyone who has ever cycled with a flat tire knows how unpleasant that is. That’s because the air in tires provides damping so that you feel less impact from bumps in the road surface.

Electric scooter honeycomb tire

What are honeycomb tires on electric scooters?

For a while now experiments are being carried out with tires without an inner tube, so that punctures are a thing of the past. A special structure takes over the role of the trapped air layer. Still, the old, trusted construction of a tire and an inner tube with air remains the cheapest.

Electric scooter solid tires

Why is it that some scooters have solid tires?

What I wrote above about the deformation of solid rubber tires, of course, still happens with tires filled with air. They have to, otherwise, they still wouldn’t absorb any of the bumps you ride over.

The disadvantage is that it also costs you some speed – and therefore more energy.

Electric scooters are often as compact as possible, so they also have small tires. High-end scooters are an exception, with often larger tires.

Solid tires are far more uncomfortable and nowadays mostly found on budget electric scooters.

The only advantage that solid tires offer is that they can be punctured, so you will never have to worry about a flat tire.

Believe me, having a flat tire on your way to work isn’t the best thing to start your day, I’ve been there.

How about honeycomb tires?

Honeycomb tires are a fairly new technology and are only found on certain types of electric scooters. They offer the big advantage that you will never have a flat tire again. Air-filled tires still offer the most comfort of all types of electric scooter tires.

Okay, so what’s the best choice?

That depends on how you want to use the scooter. For commuting in combination with public transport, a handy scooter with small, Solid tires are an option but usually pneumatic tires the best choice.

Do you want to cover longer distances on it (for example commuting from home to work without using public transport)? Or do you have to travel a lot on roads that are very uneven? Then pneumatic tires are certainly the best choice.

I would also recommend you to opt for a scooter with suspension in at least the stem. Whether you take pneumatic tires or not, it absorbs much of the worst vibration on your hands and arms.

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The advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters with solid tires

On slippery surfaces and over short distances, the small solid tires are a reasonable alternative. Such tires will not puncture, which is an important advantage. A disadvantage, however, is that the tires become hot so that they wear out faster and need to be replaced sooner. Often the motor must be replaced as well as the motor and wheel are one on some models.

The reason that solid tires are used often has to do with the price, the weight, and the inability to puncture these tires.

On uneven roads and paths, especially in many city environments, solid tires are a relatively big danger. Raised edges and potholes are a major risk. As soon as a solid tire bumps into this, the chance that you will fall is high. That’s why it’s important to always wear a helmet.

Good anticipation and paying attention to the road surface are therefore a must.

The advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters with pneumatic tires.

Large wheels of 9 inches and up that have pneumatic tires offer more comfort.In addition, the risk of falling on bad road surfaces is many times smaller.

After all, a large wheel rides more easily over an upright edge.

10-inch tires with wide pneumatic tires are therefore safer during longer journeys on less good road surfaces. Pneumatic tires drive very comfortably on slippery asphalt roads.

Replacing the tires is easy. The heat development is low and a flat tire can be repaired quickly.

The disadvantage of 10-inch pneumatic tires is the price. Such tires are more expensive than solid tires.

Frequently asked questions:

What tires are best for electric scooters?

In general pneumatic tires are almost always the way to go, they cost more but they last longer and offer a way more comfortable ride. The only case for solid tires is they can get punctured leaving you stranded with a flat tire.

How long do electric scooter tires last?

This depends on the weight of the rider, on which terrain you ride, and your overall driving style, but as a rule of thumb most electric scooter tires need to be changed every 2000 to 3000 miles.

How do I stop my electric scooter from getting punctures?

The best tip is to always have a can of tire slime with you, scan the road ahead for holes and sharp objects or choose solid tires for your electric scooter.

Can I put bigger tires on my electric scooter?

In most cases you can’t because the tire size your electric scooter comes equipped with is the max size, bigger tires on most brands simply wouldn’t fit.

What PSI should electric scooter tires be?

With a load of 110-154lbs / 50-70kg: the front wheel needs 35 to 40psi, the rear wheel needs 40 to 50psi.With a load of 155-199lbs / 70-90kg: the front wheel needs around 40-45psi, the rear wheel needs to have 45-55psi.With a load of 200-220lbs / 90-100kg: the front wheel should have 45-50psi, and the rear wheel needs to have 50-60psi.With a load of more than 220lbs / 100 kg: it is recommended to set the front tire at 50-55psi and 60-65psi for the rear tire.

Do electric scooters have innertubes?

If your electric scooter tires are pneumatic then YES they have innertubes. Honeycomb tires and solid tires don’t have innertubes.

Do electric scooter tires need to be balanced?

If you have an electric scooter that has a max speed of 18 mph – 28 km/h and you need to change a tire, it’s recommended to have the wheel balanced. Also if you have hit a large pothole or curb, it’s best to have the wheel balanced.

So there you have it, now you have a solid understanding of electric scooter tire types and the pros and cons. Reach out if you have any questions or need advice on tires.

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