How And Where To Rent A BOLT Scooter

How And Where To Rent A BOLT Scooter 

Bolt was founded in 2018 and is now active in more than 100 European cities. Download the Bolt app, find an e-scooter near you and you’re ready to ride. How exactly does this work? I explain it below.

How do you use a Bolt scooter?

To use Bolt, download the free app for Android or Apple. Link a payment method in the app and go through the following steps:

1. Find a Bolt scooter near you

Check in the app where the nearest vehicle is. In the app, you can also see what the battery percentage of the scooter is.

2. Unlock with the app

Scan the QR code on the scooter to unlock the vehicle and start your ride.

3. Drop off and drive away

Follow the driving instructions in the app and obey the local traffic rules. Push off with one foot and give metered gas with the right thumb.

4. Park the scooter.

Done with the ride? View in the app where you can park the scooter and put it back neatly.

5. End the ride.

Press ‘end ride’ in the app. You will then see an overview of the costs incurred and the kilometers traveled.

Download the Bolt app for Android and IOS



How much does it cost to use a Bolt scooter?

In most cases, you do not pay a starting rate to use Bolt and only a rate of € 0.15 per minute. In that case, you pay €1.50 for a 10-minute ride.

Please note: the costs may vary by city.

Tip: take advantage of free rides

Via the Bolt app you can take advantage of free rides with the help of a personal ‘referral code‘. This code can be found in the app after creating an account.

There are several ways to share your code with your friends, namely via social media, SMS, or by copying and sending the link. Note: this code is only valid for the first ride.

BOLT free ride how to
BOLT free ride

Where is Bolt currently active?

As one of the largest providers of scooter sharing, Bolt is active in more than 100 European cities. Bolt’s vehicles can be recognized by their bright green color. In Europe, you can find Bolt in the following cities:

Currently, Bolt’s scooters are available in the following European cities, among others:


Check the website for an up-to-date overview.

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