How And Where To Rent A DOTT Scooter

How And Where To Rent A DOTT Scooter 

The Dutch Dott can be found in several countries in Europe with its electric shared bicycles and shared scooters. Download the app, find an e-scooter near you and you are ready for your ride. How exactly does this work? Find out here.

How do you use a Dott scooter?

Using the mobile app, you can locate and unlock Dott E-scooters. To do this, go through the following steps:

DOTT APP how to find a DOTT scooter
DOTT APP how to find a DOTT scooter | credit

1. Find a vehicle near you

Check in the app where the nearest shared scooter is located. In the app, you can also see what the battery percentage of the scooter is.

2. Unlock with the app

Scan the QR code on the handlebar of the scooter to unlock the vehicle and start the ride.

3. Push off and drive off

Push off with one foot and accelerate with the right thumb. Tip: view the safety instructions in the app under the heading ‘Help & legal’.

4. Park the scooter

In most cities, there are defined zones where the vehicles can be parked. These zones can be found in the app. Are there no zones indicated? Park the scooter in a place where others will not be hindered by this.

5. End the ride

Press “lock e-scooter” in the app to end your ride. You will now see an overview of the route taken and the costs incurred.

Download the Dott app for Android and IOS



What does a Dott scooter cost in Europe?

The costs for a ride are made up of a starting rate and a rate per minute. To unlock a scooter you pay an average of €0.50 – €1.00 and €0.20 per minute for use. 

Please note: the costs may vary by city.

Tip: take advantage of free rides

Through the Dott app, you can share a promotional code with someone. After downloading, this code can be found in the app under ‘Invite friends’ or ‘Earn free rides’.

Share this code with each other before taking the first ride. When entering the code, both riders benefit from 2 free rides:

Where is Dott currently active?

Dott can be found in about 9 European countries, in more than 20 different cities. You can take a ride with Dott in the following cities, among others: 


Check the website for an up-to-date overview of the locations where Dott can be found.

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