How And Where To Rent A Lime Scooter

How And Where To Rent A Lime Scooter!

The Lime scooter is the ideal means of transport to move from A to B in busy cities. The company operates worldwide and is still expanding its scooter empire.

If you’ve ever been on holiday abroad and rode an electric scooter there, chances are it was a Lime-sharing scooter. In addition to large parts of the United States, the company is also active in many European cities. But how exactly does it work and what are the costs? We are happy to tell you more about it.

What is Lime?

Lime is an American company that was founded in early 2017. It all started with a startup in San Francisco that has grown into a multi-million, if not billion-dollar company today. In addition to shared scooters, the company also offers shared and shared scooters. As a result, the company is able to sell an enormous amount of minutes/kilometers on their shared vehicles.

A major advantage of share companies such as Lime is that with their company they show that the simplicity of travel can be made much easier. In addition, the electric means of transport reduce noise, pollution, and congestion in traffic.

In which countries is Lime active?

The Lime electric scooter was first introduced in major American cities. Here it was already a great success after a short time, so the company decided to expand to European countries.

Today Lime is active in more than 30 countries, including the Netherlands. However, in the Netherlands, they are only active in Rotterdam where they offer electric shared scooters. The company can also be found with shared scooters in the following countries:

United StatesFinlandPoland
BrazilHungarySouth Korea
Czech RepublicNew ZealandUnited Kingdom
DenmarkNorwayUnited Arab Emirates

How does a Lime scooter work?

Renting a Lime scooter is very simple, as you only need a mobile phone for this. This is how you download the Lime app on Google Play or Apple and then add a payment method to use the sharing scooters. Once the app is ready, go through the following scooters to be able to use one of the shared scooters:

  1. Open the Lime app and look for a shared scooter nearby (you can also find the Lime shared scooters in the Uber app);
  2. Decide whether you want to rent shared scooters alone or with friends;
  3. Do you want to drive with several people on a payment method? Then choose the option ‘group ride’;
  4. Then scan the QR code of the e-scooter you would like to rent;
  5. Once you have arrived on location, end the ride via the app and place the scooter in a place where it will not affect anyone;
  6. You will receive an overview of the journey and its total costs.
Where to rent a lime scooter

What does it cost to rent a Lime scooter?

The costs for renting a Lime scooter can differ per city, but you always pay a starting and a rate per minute. The starting rate is the same in every city, namely € 1,-. These are the costs for unlocking the electric scooter.

In addition, you pay a rate per minute for the total duration of the journey. Depending on the city, the costs for this are around € 0.15 per minute. For example, does your ride take 20 minutes? Then you pay a total of approximately € 4,-.

Starting RateRate per minuteTotal (ride of 20 minutes)
€ 1,-€ 0,15€ 4,-

Which e-scooter does Lime use?

Perhaps you rented a Lime scooter in the past and are curious about what kind of electric scooter this is. Lime uses the electric scooters of the Segway and especially the Ninebot ES4. The company has entered into a partnership with the e-scooter manufacturer and is working together on the improvement and development of electric scooters.

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