How And Where To Rent A Poppy Scooter

How And Where To Rent A Poppy Scooter! (With Links)

Poppy is busy with a rise in Belgium. In addition to the fact that they offer the Poppy scooter, you will also find the red shared cars of this company in many cities. For many people, shared scooters and cars are ideal means of transport for busy cities. Moreover, they do not have to buy their own car. For example, you can have relatively small payments already using Poppy’s scooters and cars

To use a Poppy shared scooter or car, you need to download the Poppy app for Android or IOS on your smartphone. Then you create an account, top up the balance or add a payment method and you’re good to go. But we’ll tell you on this page how it works exactly and what the costs are.

What is Poppy?

Poppy is a 100% Belgian startup in ”shared mobility” and was founded at the beginning of 2018. Prior to its foundation, they started thinking about mobility in Belgian cities. For example, they came to the conclusion that too many cars are most of the time (92%) parked, and owning a car costs an average of €410 per month. Also, approximately 114 million tons of CO2 are emitted per year in Belgium. They wanted to come up with a solution for this.

Finally, Poppy was born on August 18, 2018, and they started with 350 sustainable shared cars in Antwerp. Not long after it was founded, it added 25 e-scooters, but these have been unavailable since September 1, 2022, due to battery problems. A minor setback for Poppy.

In August 2019, Poppy decided to introduce the shared scooter in Antwerp, and with success. Since 1 September 2022, another 1500 shared scooters have been added to the fleet in Brussels, where the shared cars have been available since April 2019.

Judging by Poppy’s strategy, more electric scooters will be made available in major cities in Belgium in the future. They always start (until now) by expanding the shared car fleet, after which the shared scooters follow. Since shared cars are now also present in Mechelen (1 June 2021) and Ghent (9 September 2022), it is expected that shared scooters will follow in these cities in the coming years.

In which countries is Poppy active?

Shared mobility company Poppy focuses (for now) mainly on the Belgian market. They are already making great strides here and are constantly expanding. For example, they are already active in 4 major cities in Belgium where they offer red, environmentally friendly shared two of those cities electric shared scooters. Below you can see in which cities they are active and what means of transport they make available in which city:

  • Antwerp (cars, delivery vans, and scooters)
  • Brussels (cars, delivery vans, and scooters)
  • Mechelen (cars and delivery vans)
  • Ghent (cars and delivery vans)

As in the past, Poppy focuses first on making shared cars available in the major cities. After a while, the Poppy scooters will also be added to the fleet. It is expected that in 2022 or 2023 partial scooters will also be added to the fleets in Mechelen and Ghent.

How does renting a Poppy shared scooter work?

Renting a Poppy scooter is very easy. This way you download the Poppy app on your smartphone and you are almost ready to go. Below is a simple step-by-step plan you have to go through if you want to rent a Poppy scooter.

  1. Open the Poppy app and create an account;
  2. Top up the balance or add a payment method to your account;
  3. View in the app where the nearest Poppy scooter is parked;
  4. Scan the QR code on the scooter and start the ride via the app;
  5. When you arrive at your destination, you park the scooter at the designated spot and complete the ride via the app.
Poppy Scooter
Poppy Electric Scooter

How much does it cost to rent a Poppy scooter?

The costs for renting a Poppy scooter are relatively low. The aim of Poppy is therefore to keep costs as low as possible so that everyone can use the Poppy shared scooter. Below is an overview of the prices that are used for renting the Poppy scooter.

Starting rate:Rate per minute:Total (ride of 20 minutes:
€ 1,-€ 0.25€ 6,-

Would you like to take a break, but not yet complete the ride? Then you pay € 0.15 per minute. Simply press the pause button and resume the ride when ready.

Subscriptions and Daily pass

If you plan to use Poppy scooters for a longer period of time or daily you can consider taking a subscription or a “day pass”.This allows you to ride even cheaper on the electric scooters from Poppy. For example, for the e-scooters it is possible to buy two different types of day passes, namely the:

  • (2 rides): with which you can Ride 2 rides of 30 minutes, including unlocking for free (€5.99)
  • Day pass (10 rides): allows you to ride 10 rides for 30 minutes in one day, including unlocking for free (€7.99)

It is also possible to take out a subscription at poppy. This gives you a discount on the unlocking costs and on the rate per minute. The discounts apply to all shared vehicles. Below is an overview of the different subscriptions:

Price per month:€ 4.99€ 19.99€ 49.99
Discount on driving:10%20%30%
Discount on unlocking:50%75%100 % (free)

Which e-scooter model does Poppy use?

Poppy uses her own composite electric scooters. In collaboration with a manufacturer, they have developed their own e-scooters that meet all safety requirements. The Poppy scooter has a top speed of 20 km/h, a range of 60 kilometers, and a maximum driver weight of 125 kg (275 Ibs).

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