How And Where To Rent A VOI Scooter

How And Where To Rent A VOI Scooter!

Voi is a scooter-sharing company that is active in more than 60 major European cities. This makes the company the largest European supplier of shared scooters. For example, the electric scooters of this brand are used by more than 6 million people and many miles are covered.

Are you going away for a weekend or on holiday to a European city? Then there is a chance that you can explore the city with a Voi scooter. Download the app and discover the city. We are happy to tell you more about how it works exactly, will you read along with us?

Who is Voi?

Voi is a Swedish company founded in 2018. It started as a startup and quickly raised millions for its plan. This has enabled them to roll out their electric scooters en masse in Europe, making them the frontrunner in the field of ‘shared mobility in Europe.

Voi currently has no fewer than 6 million users, which is said to continue to grow in the coming years. With this, they show that electric scooters are a good way to reduce crowds, noise nuisance, and pollution in cities. Moreover, an e-Scooter is the ideal means of transport to explore a city.

In which countries is Voi active?

Today Voi is active in more than 10 European countries. However, they are not done expanding their scooter empire yet. For example, more and more cities are added and they want to expand to more European countries. Below we have listed all the countries where Voi is active at the time of writing.

DenmarkCopenhagen, Alborg, and 4 other cities
GermanyMunich, Berlin, Frankfurt and 12 other cities
FinlandHelsinki, Espoo, Tampere and Turku
FranceBordeaux and Marseille
ItalyMilan, Rome, Turin, and Reggio Emilia
NorwayOslo, Bergen, Lillestrøm and 2 other cities
SpainMalaga and Seville
SwedenStockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and 6 other cities
SwitzerlandZurich, Basel, Bern, and Winterthur
United KingdomLiverpool, Bristol, Cambridge, and 18 other cities

How does a Voi scooter rental work?

Renting a Voi Scooter is very easy, as everything is digitally arranged. This is how you download the Voi app on Google Play or Apple, register yourself and add a payment method. Then go through the following steps to rent an e-scooter from Voi:

  1. Open the app and locate a Voi scooter in your area;
  2. Navigate to the scooter via the app and scan the QR code;
  3. First time on the shared scooter? Activate beginner mode to get used to accelerating and braking;
  4. Get on the shared scooter and explore the city or drive to your destination;
  5. Once you have arrived at your destination, park the scooter in a designated zone.

Tip: if there is no special parking zone available? Park the scooter in a place where it does not stand in the way of other traffic or pedestrians.

How And Where To Rent A VOI Scooter

What are the costs of renting a Voi scooter?

The costs for renting a Voi scooter are quite low. As a result, shared scooters are often used for short journeys in busy cities. For example, you pay a starting fee of € 1,- to unlock the scooter and you then pay € 0.20 for every minute. A ride of 20 minutes will cost € 5,-.

Starting rateRate per minuteTotal (ride of 20 minutes)
€ 1,-€ 0,20€ 5,-

It is also possible to purchase a day pass for 24 hours, or a month pass for 30 days or longer. You can then make unlimited use of the Voi scooter in your city. The costs for this are €10 for a day pass and €45 for a month pass.*

There is also a loyalty program with which you can save points to get a discount on your next ride. In addition, you may qualify for special discounts. These discounts apply to students and low-income users

* The prices for the day and month pass are starting prices and can therefore be higher in some cases.

Which e-scooter does Voi use?

Like other scooter share companies, Voi also started offering electric scooters for consumer use. However, it soon became apparent that the e-scooters did not benefit from the rough use of some users. As a result, many Voi Scooters had to be repaired in a short time.

For this reason, Voi decided in 2019 to develop a real Voi scooter, called the Voiager. This model is made of high-quality materials and has a robust design that can take a beating. With this, the Swedish company hopes to have to repair fewer scooters. With this, the company reduces costs, which is of course good for profit, but also for the experience of users.

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