How And Where To Rent An Electric Scooter In Brussels

How And Where To Rent An Electric Scooter In Brussels!

Do you live in Brussels or are you planning to visit the city soon? Then it might be fun to explore Brussels with an electric scooter. For example, you can rent an electric scooter in Brussels thanks to the various scooter-sharing providers that are active. These are companies that offer their electric scooters to the public for a small payment per ride.

In Brussels, there are several scooter-sharing providers, including Lime, Bird, Poppy, Dott, Voi, Bolt, and Tier. This gives you a lot of possibilities to drive through Brussels with an electric scooter. But how exactly does it work and what are the costs? We are happy to tell you more about it.

How can I use a shared scooter in Brussels?

Today there are no fewer than 7 part-scooter providers active in Brussels. This gives you a huge choice of different shared scooters to explore Brussels. View our handy step-by-step plan so that you too can easily use an electric scooter in Brussels.

1. Download the app

Before you can use an electric scooter, you must first download the Dott app. This can be done through both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

2. Create

an account In the app you create an account and you need to identify yourself to be able to use a shared scooter.

3. Add payment method

Once you have created an account you can add a payment method.

4. Find a scooter nearby

Open the map in the app and immediately see where the nearest scooter is parked. Navigate yourself to the electric scooter via the app.

5. Unlock with the QR code

Scan the QR code on the sharing scooter with the app to unlock the vehicle.

6. Enjoy the ride

Plan a route and navigate yourself to the destination. Drive on the designated roads and adjust your speed where necessary.

7. Ending the ride and parking

Once you have arrived at the location, park the shared scooter in the designated places and end the ride via the app.

What are the costs per provider?

The costs for renting an electric scooter in Brussels can vary greatly per scooter provider. However, the costs are the same for each provider. For example, you pay a fixed price for unlocking a partial scooter and a price per minute. We have listed the costs per provider in the table below for you.

Scooter Sharing provider:Unlock costs:Cost per minute:Cost for 20 min:Google Play StoreApp Store
Lime€ 0.22€ 5.40Viewapp
Bird1.00 € 0.19€ 4.80View appView app
Poppy€ 1,-€ 0.25€ 6,-Viewapp
Dott€ 1,-€ 0.22€ 5.40Viewapp
VoiNo costs€ 0.20€ 4Viewapp App view
BoltNo charge€0.17€3.40Viewapp

Take advantage of free rides and/or discounts

Most scooter-sharing providers offer you the opportunity to invite friends to invite you for discounts or free rides. To do this, you can search the app for your personal ‘referral code‘ that you can share with friends.

If one or more of your friends creates an account with your personal code, you will receive discounts or free rides as soon as they complete their first ride.

The rules for the use of electric scooters in Brussels

For the use of electric (shared) scooters in Brussels, a number of rules apply. You must adhere to this in order to avoid a fine (or possibly an accident). The traffic rules for electric scooters have not been drawn up for nothing. Below are some of the most important rules that apply to using an electric scooter in Brussels.

  • There is a minimum age of 18 years;
  • Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but it is recommended;
  • At speeds up to 6 km/h you should drive on the sidewalk;
  • With a speed above 6 km/h, you are regarded as a cyclist and you must use the bicycle path if present;

Curious about all the rules for the electric scooter in Belgium? Click on the link to view our informative article about this.

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