How And Where To Rent An Electric Scooter In Switzerland

How And Where To Rent An Electric Scooter In Switzerland – Rules, Costs, And Providers!

As a tourist, you can use an electric scooter in several cities in Switzerland. You unlock these ‘rental electric scooters’ using a mobile app. You decide how long you drive and it is often cheaper than a taxi.

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe to live in, so renting an electric scooter is also more expensive than in other countries.

How do you use an electric scooter in Switzerland yourself? And which rules do you have to take into account? We have listed it for you.

The rules for using an e-scooter in Switzerland

In Switzerland, an electric scooter is called ‘E-Trotti’. The shared scooters that you can use as a tourist have a maximum speed of 20 km/h. For use you have to take into account the following rules:

  • The minimum age is 16 years;
  • Wearing a helmet is not mandatory;
  • A driver’s license is not required;
  • It is not allowed to ride with two people on one electric scooter;
  • Phone use while driving is prohibited;
  • As a driver, you use the bike lane. Driving on the sidewalk is not allowed;
  • If there is no bike lane, you use the road.

How do you use an e-scooter in Switzerland as a tourist?

How to rent an electric scooter

Example: Bird app

To use a shared scooter, you first download the app from the relevant provider. Follow these steps for a successful ride:


Download the app Download the mobile app from one of the active providers (see below which providers are active in Switzerland).


Create an account Create an account and link a payment method. Most providers accept payments via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

3. Find an electric scooter near you

Check in the app where the nearest electric scooter is located. In the app, you can also see the scooter’s battery percentage.

4. Unlock the vehicle

Scan the QR code on the scooter to unlock the vehicle and start your ride.

5. Park the scooter.

Done with the ride? Check in the app where the nearest return location is and put the scooter back where it will not affect anyone.

6. End the ride

Use the app to end the ride. You will then see an overview of the route taken and the costs of your ride.

Which scooter share providers are active in Switzerland?

Every city or municipality has its own agreements with shared scooter providers. The largest providers in Switzerland are:

BaselBird, Lime, Tier, Voi
BernTier, Voi
St. GallenTier
WinterthurTier, Voi
ZurichBird, Lime, Tier, Voi

What do you pay per ride to rent an electric scooter in Switzerland?

The costs of going out with a shared scooter differ per provider. The rate for each provider is made up of a starting rate and a rate per minute.

On average you pay €1 to unlock the scooter. You then pay €0.15 per minute for use. So you pay €3.25 for a 15-minute ride.

Tip: take advantage of free rides

With a rental electric scooter, you can get on the road even cheaper. Many providers give ‘referral codes’ to users. This personal code can be found in the mobile app.

Are you traveling with two or more people? Share the code with your friends and take advantage of free rides this way:

TIER Scooter Free Rides

Example: Tier app

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