How fast can electric scooters go?
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How fast can electric scooters go?

How fast can electric scooters go?

With our busy lives, increased population, and tons of cars on the road, we all are looking for shortcuts. Whether it’s preparing food, doing laundry, or commuting to work, we want to take the easy way and preferably with as less stress as possible. Under such circumstances, electric scooters are the best options to consider.

No matter how far you need to travel to your office, or which congested roads you encounter on your commute, an electric scooter can take you to your destination without consuming as much of your hard-earned money as a gas-guzzling car does, and without the stress of standing in traffic for an hour before arriving stressed out at work and the day hasn’t even started. You can not only save your money, but you can also save yourself from the long waiting lines of jammed traffic, pedestrians that never pay attention, and red lights.

How fast can an electric scooter go?

When we talk about electric scooters, the first and foremost thing which comes to mind is speed. The speed of an electric scooter depends a lot upon various external and internal factors like the power of the battery, the wattage, and power of the motor, quality of tires, amount of load, kind of terrain, and even the weather conditions.

If we ignore the weather conditions, the top speed of your electric scooter can go as high as 20 miles per hour. This speed is the maximum and most suitable condition which can allow you to commute on your electric scooter easily and safely. However, if you are interested in higher speeds, there are some models that can go up to 30 miles and even 40 miles per hour.

However, the speed of an electric scooter also depends upon the type of consumer it targets. If it is intended for kids, then it doesn’t support much higher speeds.

Electric scooter for kids

Electric scooters are an amazing gift choice for kids. However, the electric scooter for kids and adults has a lot of differences, not only in terms of their construction but also in terms of battery power and speed.

The electric scooters which are specifically designed for kids come in a moderate range of speed. The speed needs to be kept limited to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

The maximum possible speed for kid’s scooters is around 10 miles per hour. It is not fast enough to pose any harm or danger. Moreover, there are specialized laws these days on the maximum speed limit of kid’s electric scooters.

Electric scooter for adults

The speed limit for adult electric scooters is definitely higher. You will be shocked to know that the maximum speed limit for various models for electric models goes as high as 69 miles per hour. Such electric scooters are not for fun purposes only, but they are the true forms of commuting. They are just another form of the vehicle which are largely used by the people living in busy urban areas. These electric scooters are also very expensive and require proper training of the rider in order to avoid any kind of accidents.

Other than adults and normal people, there are also electric scooters that are specially designed for elderly people or even the disabled class. For such electric scooters, the speed range is usually limited to only 20 miles per hour.

The factors affecting the speed of electric scooters

Don’t think that if an electric scooter is designed to go for higher speeds, it will maintain that speed under all circumstances. That is not the case. No matter how sturdy your electric scooter is or how expensive it is, there are always some factors that can affect the speed of your electric scooter.  These factors are:

All of these factors can greatly affect the speed of your electric scooters in a positive or a negative way. Thus, it shows that speed is not a constant figure. Instead, it depends on lots of external and internal factors.

Safety first

As you used to learn to ride a bike, getting to grips with an electric scooter is also an activity that you have to get under. Safety is an important part of this because as a road user, an accident is in a small corner. The most important condition for this is that you have an approved scooter. 

You can also take measures yourself to increase the safety of yourself and that of others. Think of precautions such as a helmet, wrist protectors and knee protectors. If something happens, the chance of physical discomfort is the smallest. Although this protection is not mandatory, it is advisable.


So, have you seen the variety of designs, construction, and factors that affects the speed of your electric scooter? All of these things are proof that we cannot set a particular range for the speed of our electric scooters. It varies according to age, design, and many other means. That means that for adults, the fastest electric scooters can go as high as 60 miles per hour, and for the kids, it is only up to 10 miles per hour. Moreover, the conditions under which you are traveling profoundly affect the speed of your electric scooter (urban roads, lots of hills, roads with stop lights every hundred yards…).

It’s better to buy a regular electric scooter to learn the ins and outs of riding it in various conditions before moving on to really fast models.

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