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How to lock your electric scooter

How to lock your electric scooter in 2023 and beyond?

Most electric scooters are foldable and you can easily take them with you inside. If that is not possible, what do you do? You don’t want your scooter to be stolen! How do you lock an electric scooter? There are various options for this.

A lock for an electric scooter

Locking an electric scooter is easy with a loose (bicycle) lock. It works exactly the same as locking your bike. You buy a good lock, preferably one with a certified quality mark. A lock with a quality mark means that it has been extensively tested against theft. However, you must keep in mind that you are buying an electric scooter slot that is easy to carry. We recommend locks with an ART-2 or ART-3 (stricter security) seal. A U-lock (bracket) is often recommended. Personally, I lock my own electric scooter with THIS LOCK.

best electric scooter lock

This is the High Security Kryptonite Electric Scooter Lock. It’s a lightweight and ultra-secure lock. It’s foldable and attaches itself pretty easy to the stem of your electric scooter.

I sometimes use it when I’m riding with a friend and we stop somewhere along the way to go grab a quick coffee or burger.

This lock can compete with any ABUS lock at half the price.
– heat treated hardened steel, resists 9 tons of hydraulic pressure
– anti drilling lock hole (will turn with drill) 
– small lock cylinder prevents lock picking
– Swiss cylinder and key technology
– lightweight (only 1.6lbs / 720g)

Unfortunately, a scooter does not have a standard lock as on most bicycles. That is a disadvantage because that means that you always have to take the lock separately. So you can’t just park the scooter, lock it and then take a walk or enter a shop. If you do not bring a proper lock, you must carry the scooter with you.

 Check out one of the safest locks on the market for electric scooters (it’s currently $10 off if you click the button below 👇🏼)

recommendedd lock electric scooter


An alarm on your E-scooter

Some electric scooters have an app that you can use to lock the device and turn on the alarm. Anyone who has ever tried a rental scooter from BIRD or LIME can compare it with that. You often turn that alarm on via the smartphone app that connects you to the scooter via Bluetooth. Depending on the brand, the scooter will beep when the alarm is and someone tries to steal or move it. With a number of brands, you will also receive a signal via the app that someone is trying to use your electric scooter without permission. The beeping of the scooter may have a deterrent effect. On the other hand, the scooter is fairly easy to lift and take with you before you can reach your scooter on time.

Buy a lightweight and foldable scooter

Whenever possible, I choose to take my electric scooter with me. You can fold most scooters easily and they are somewhat portable (the weight of a full shopping bag). For example, I fold the scooter and take it with me inside when I am at work and place it under my desk on the charger. Leaving the scooter unattended without a lock is not a good idea, it is a popular device that will certainly be stolen.

Those are 3 ways to prevent your electric scooter from being stolen. The safest way is still taking it with you but that’s not always possible. In that case, a combination of an alarm and a lock is the best way, but either will do.

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