One Wheel GT, XR, And PINT Error Codes + Description

One Wheel GT, XR, And PINT Error Codes + Description!

The One Wheel is a captivating and exhilarating way to commute or ride around the city. With their sleek design and impressive capabilities, the One Wheel GT, XR, and PINT models have garnered a loyal following of enthusiasts worldwide. 

However, even the most advanced technology is not immune to occasional glitches. The error codes on the One Wheel can leave riders scratching their heads because they don’t show a numeral code, but they show a blinking Red or Yellow light

Depending on how many times the light blinks, you’ll need to count the blinks and see the corresponding code below. In this article, we show you all possible One Wheel error codes.

These codes are the same on all 3 models: the One Wheel GT, XR, and the PINT.

One Wheel error code list

Below is a complete list of error codes your One Wheel GT, XR, and PINT can display.

Sometimes you can solve the problem by switching your One Wheel OFF and then back ON again, or by charging the battery

If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact their support at

Here are the number of blinks and the corresponding error code and the description of the code:

YELLOW01, 02Low battery
YELLOW04Invalid power-up orientation
YELLOW06Motor stall detected
YELLOW07Out-of-range controller temperature
RED09Bad accelerometer
RED10Bad controller
RED11Bad hall sensors
YELLOW13, 14Over-current detected
YELLOW15Out-of-range motor temperature
RED16, 22Invalid hardware
YELLOW17Out-of-range motor temperature
YELLOW18Out of range motor temperature
YELLOW21Charger connected