Commuting On An Electric Bike

The Benefits Of Commuting On An Electric Bike (Explained)

Electric bikes are perfect for long commuting distances

Many people get their daily bike movement on their way to or from work. The number of people who regularly cycle to work is increasing daily. 

This increase is largely due to the growing popularity of the electric bike (or e-bike). In addition to the elderly, electric bikes have recently been increasingly purchased by adults under the age of 65.

Electric bikes are not only suitable for taking a relaxing Sunday drive with some friends or your significant other, but also prove to be perfect as a new alternative for commuting.

Why switch to using an e-bike for your commute? We have listed the most important arguments for you below:

Commuting On An Electric Bike

E-bikes good for your health

First of all, electric bikes are very good for your Physical condition and general health. Even though it may not feel like you are moving very intensively on an electric bike, you can still quickly get your daily exercise by cycling to work and burn almost as many calories as on a normal bike. 

Cyclists with an e-bike are more likely to take the bike because the electric bike is experienced as more pleasant and fun. E-bikes also offer more support when pedaling and make cycling to work more accessible for those who get sweaty while cycling on a normal bike. With an e-bike, you arrive at work fresh as a flower.  

In addition to physical benefits, e-bikes are also good for your mental health. Research also shows that cyclists generally experience less stress. Cycling can offer a lot of relaxation and clears your head. 

This can also provide more stimulation of creativity as you rest your brain while cycling. Ultimately, it can improve performance at work. In general, cyclists also report sick less often than employees who always travel by car or public transport. Recently, companies are also increasingly encouraging their employees to use electric bikes. 

Want to know exactly how many calories you burn with electric bikes? Read it here. 

A sustainable transport option

Electric bikes are not only good for people, but also for Mother Nature. E-bikes are a good replacement for taking the car or public transport and reduce your CO2 emissions.

By using an e-bike for your daily commute you help to make the air in your own (work) environment cleaner. 

Did you know that?

With every two and a half miles – four kilometers that you travel on an electric bike instead of by car, you save 2,2 Ibs – 1 kilo of CO2 emissions. 

Get to work faster

E-bikes are not only faster than regular bikes but also faster than a car on some routes. On average, bike routes are 18% shorter than the fastest car routes, especially on a bike with extra support! 

Here’s a fun video featuring an E-bike vs car commute challenge:

Electric bike VS car commute challenge

Especially when commuting, cars often get stuck at traffic lights or in traffic jams. Fortunately, you don’t have much trouble with this on an e-bike, and the final ride from home to work takes much less time! 

Parking with an electric bike is also often faster than with a car. Many offices and work locations have special areas to store your electric bike as easily and safely as possible while finding a suitable parking spot (in the city) can sometimes be a nightmare.

Commuting on an electric bike 

Do you want to increase your fitness easily? 

Do you have to spend less time in traffic in the morning? 

Could you stay in bed a little longer? 

Or would you like to contribute to the environment? 

If you said yes three times we advise you to switch to using an e-bike for your daily commute. 😉 

Which battery is best for commuting distance?

When you purchase a (new) battery for your electric bike, it is always very important that you think carefully about what you use your e-bike for. 

For longer commuting distances of more than 10 Miles – 16 km, you need a battery with great endurance. Mainly you don’t want to have to charge your battery every day while working. 

It is also useful for commuting when you use a powerful battery. This gives extra support on hills, uneven roads, etc. 

Do you like to cycle in a sporty or highly supportive position? Then you probably need a battery with a higher capacity. 


Are electric bikes good for commuting?

Yes, they are awesome for commuting, the benefits far outway the disadvantages, read the article above for more information about these benefits.

How far can you commute on an electric bike?

Most electric bikes offer a range of around 30 Miles – 50 Kilometers, so now you can easily calculate if this a fit for you and your commute.

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