The Best Electric Scooter For Adults 300lbs (136kg) And Over

Electric scooters are a lot of fun and super popular.

They should be accessible to everybody but most electric scooters aren’t powerful enough to propel adults weighing 300lbs and over. They are slow and don’t get up hills making them useless if you are a big guy or girl that wants to enjoy the wonderful world of electric scooters.

But there are scooters out there that have no problem with a rider weight of 300lbs and over. 

Let’s look at the top 4 best electric scooters for adults 300lbs and over:

If you’re in a hurry and want to know the winner of our review, here it is 👇🏻👇🏻

Our Winner After 10+ Hours Of Research

dualtron thunder review

The Dualtron Thunder

Our Rating:


Model Speed Range Max Weight Check Price
Dualtron Thunder + 40mph (+ 60km/h) 72 miles (115km) 340lbs (155kg)

Dualtron Ultra + 40mph (+ 60km/h) 80 miles (130km) 340lbs (155kg)

Emove Touring 15.6ah​ 25mph (45kmh) 62 miles (100km) 352lbs (160kg)

Voro Orca Mark I 20mph (32kmh) 20 miles (35km) 265lbs (120kg)

dualtron thunder review

#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Dualtron Thunder

Our Rating:


The Dualtron Thunder is the big brother of the already very powerful Dualtron Ultra. It features even more powerful 5400w (2700w) dual hub motors and the same high capacity 60V 34.50Ah battery. With this battery, you have a range of 74 miles (120km).

Though the specs are almost the same as the Dualtron Ultra, this Dualtron Thunder has larger and wider tires, a larger deck and larger brake calipers compared to the Ultra

The Thunder is the top of the line of the Dualtron series.

This is without a doubt one of the most powerful electric scooters we’ve tested. This is a perfect scooter for more heavy adults because it has no trouble carrying a full-grown 300lbs adult up a hill or slope.

The maximum load it can handle is, in fact, 340lbs (155kg)

To bring this beast to a halt Dualtron fitted it with massive 160mm ventilated calipers. It is also the only electric scooter in the world that has ABS brakes.

Now while this is a great safety feature it’s important to note that during our testing we experienced some slightly annoying vibrations when braking hard. The ABS can be turned off if you don’t like these vibrations while riding.

The very wide deck is one foot wide and offers a lot of stability at high speeds.

The handlebars are similar to the Ultra and are also foldable. There is an LCD display to read all the vital information about the scooter. There is also an Emergency button and you can fit (optionally) a fingerprint sensor.

As with the Dualtron Ultra (review below), this Thunder has a very long battery charge time. Up to 20 hours if you don’t get the optional fast charger.

This is the scooter for you if you are 300lbs or over and you want a fast and powerful electric scooter that will take you anywhere you want to go without worrying about what roads or obstacles lie ahead. 

This is the top of the range in the Dualtron series and it shows from the moment you step on it and hit the throttle.

Standard features of the Dualtron Thunder:

  • 5400W (2x2700w)Dual Motors (+ 40mph) (+ 60km/h)
  • 60V 35Ah 2072Wh Lithium-Ion Battery (72 miles of range)
  • Dual Disk Brakes with ABS
  • Rubber Suspension
  • Off-road / On-road Tires
  • Atmospheric LED Light
  • Climbing Grade 30°
  • Maximum 340lbs (155kg) Load


  • Superb ABS brakes front and rear
  • One of the most powerful electric scooters around
  • Tubeless tires (never worry about a flat tire)
  • Very wide deck, very stable at high speeds
  • Build to last, excellent quality


  • Some play in the steering
  • ABS brakes tend to vibrate a little

#2. Runner Up

Dualtron Ultra

Our Rating:


Meet one of the most powerful electric scooters in the world, rivaled only by it’s bigger brother the Dualtron Thunder.

The Dualtron Ultra has massive 5400w peak power dual motors 😳 

These dual motors are equipped with top of the line heat sinks. 

The battery is a 60v 35ah battery 2072Wh unit providing you with a range of 80 miles (130km) which is just crazy.

This scooter has electronic brakes that provide unrivaled braking performance, meaning you can stop for anything that comes on your way when riding this scooter. And riding on this beast of a scooter is a joy. 

Because of its very powerful battery and dual motors, the Dualtron Ultra has a maximum load of 330lbs (150kg) and a climbing angle of around 35% so it can take any rider anywhere he wants to go, the sky really is the limit with this electric scooter.

Because of its sheer power, the top speed is above 40mph (65km) so caution is advised when riding this scooter at top speed.

To stop this beast Dualtron fitted dual disk brakes in the front and an electric brake in the back. Another cool trick up its sleeve is that the brakes are regenerative so every time you brake you recharge your battery adding extra range to your drive. The Dualtron Ultra is also fitted with ABS brakes, which is an awesome safety feature to have and rare on an electric scooter.

Dualtron Ultra ABS brakes

Furthermore on the Dualtron Ultra is a dual full suspension unit with rubber to absorb the bumps in the road.

There is a Multifunction smart LCD display which displays: Remaining battery life, TRIP, ODOmeter, Time, Speed, and Voltage is displaying. There is also a  Cruise mode.

The only downside this scooter has is when you use the default charger (you can buy an optional quick charger) there is a 17hr+ charging time. So if you can spare the money I would suggest you buy the quick charger, which will charge a full battery in 5 to 6 hours. 

Standard features of the Dualtron Ultra:

  • 4800W (2x2400w)Dual Motors (+ 40mph) (+ 60km/h)
  • 60V 35Ah 2072Wh Lithium-Ion Battery (80 miles of range)
  • Dual Disk Brakes
  • Rubber Suspension
  • Off-road / On-road Tires
  • Atmospheric LED Light
  • Climbing Grade 30°
  • Maximum 330lb (150kg) Load


  • Full hydraulic brake system
  • 80 miles of range
  • Suspension soaks up bumps in the road
  • Very powerful dual motors
  • awesome build quality
  • ABS Brakes, very safe.


  • Very long battery loading time
  • Aggressive acceleration

emove touring review

#2. Second Runner up

Emove Cruiser 15.6ah

Our Rating:


This scooter is built to last. It has a 1600w motor which makes it very powerful. 

So powerful in fact that the max load capacity is 352lbs (160kg) (2 grown-up adults). 

Combine that with a 52V 30AH LG Battery with Battery Management System Protection and you have one badass electric scooter with a very long range.

The range is 62 miles (100km) which will certainly get you to your destination. 

The top speed is 25mph (45km/h) so it’s legal to drive on the street.

To stop this very powerful scooter there are new hydraulic brakes in the front and the rear.

Emove Cruiser review - rear suspension and disk brakes

The handlebars are foldable as is the scooter itself making it very convenient to store and to carry it with you. 

Also on the handlebars are a voltmeter so you can check the battery and a locking key to unlock the scooter. 

On the handlebars, there is also an LCD display that shows lots of information like battery life and the speedo. It also has 9 settings to change a lot of features on the scooter such as Start mode, Cruising mode, and Pick-up mode.

If you are a short-distance commuter looking to travel a few miles a day, expect your battery to last you for weeks, yes, weeks! Or better yet, not worrying that your battery will go flat if you are traveling long distances or running errands throughout the day.

The Emove Cruiser has true pneumatic car grade tires that have no inner tubes. No more inner tubes bursting in the middle of your ride.

The charging time is quite long with 9 to 12 hours but it is a very powerful battery so that makes up for the longer charging time. I plugged it in before I went to bed and it was almost always fully charged when I went to work with it.

The suspension is very good at soaking up speed bumps and potholes. In the front, there is a Dual suspension and in the rear an Air Shock suspension. This scooter does a good job of providing you with a smooth ride.

Emove Cruiser review - Front Suspension

If you are a big guy or girl then this electric scooter is definitely worth checking out, you won’t regret it. Gone are the days where you have to ride a scooter that is barely up to the job and rides as slow as a snail.

There are 3 colors to choose from:

Evolve Cruiser Colors


  • LG battery
  • 9 different modes to customize to your liking
  • Car grade tires
  • Very smooth ride
  • Foldable handle bars


  • Long charging time
  • Mediocre range for this class

Voro Orca Mark 1

#4. Third Runner Up

Voro Orca Mark 1

Our Rating:


quiet 48V 240W DC geared motor which is able to carry up to 260 lbs (120kg) load. Geared motor generally produces more torque than non gear motor. Therefore it is suitable for heavier riders or conquering slopes.

This seated e-scooter is also equipped with a 10AH li-ion battery which can travel up to 20 miles (35km) on a single full charge meaning you have an electric scooter that you can take anywhere.

Have better control over your speed with both front and rear highly responsive disc brakes. Equipped together with its’ 12″ pneumatic tires, it can go past uneven grounds with ease.

Voro Orca Mark I Review 2020

The Orca Mark I also comes with reinforced folding mechanism which makes it foldable and easy to keep in just mere 2 seconds. Keep it at the back of your car, carry it on public transport and bring it along for all of your last mile travels. It also only weights about 42lbs (19kg) – that makes it one of the most portable seated electric scooters available!

portability Voro Orca Mark I

The top speed is 18mph (28km/h) which is fast enough on an electric scooter. And with a climbing capacity of 10 degrees, most slopes or hills won’t be much of an issue.

The tires are 10″ pneumatic car grade tires. And thanks to the front and rear spring suspension, going over bumps will be comfortable and relaxed.

The seat is very comfortable giving enough support for heavier adults.

The charging time is 5 to 7 hours. 

Some additional features are a key ignition to help keep your scooter safe and secure, Durable ABS plastic body, deck, and rear mudguard and an Advanced front suspension & rear suspension system. The LCD display is bright and can be read in direct sunlight, and gives all the necessary info.

VORO Orca Mark 1 review

Features of the Orca Mark I (standard features):

  • One-touch easy folding frame  
  • Comfortable seat. 
  • LED battery level indicator.
  • Smart battery charger.
  • Headlight and taillight.
  • Key ignition.
  • Kickstand.


  • Very comfortable seat
  • Anti-theft Key ignition
  • Portability best in it’s class
  • Very comfortable ride thanks to front and rear suspension


  • Not as powerful as other scooters in this category

The Best Electric Scooter For Adults 300lbs (136kg) And Over – Buyers Guide

Do you find it hard to sift through the power and maximum load of every electric scooter out there? Well, we are here to assist you with the knowledge and path to the right scooter that you need. 

To help you on your quest to find the best electric scooter for your weight we have put together to help you make the correct buying decision.

Determine the power needed for your weight

Only you know your weight, so make sure you check the maximum load and power output of the 4 most powerful electric scooters on the planet we have researched and tested.


“You get what you pay for” will apply here. There are cheap electric scooters out there but at the end of the day, these are not up to the job and have poor build quality. If you are looking for the best electric scooter for heavy adults then you are not going to find any in the cheap scooters.

The 4 scooters above are really durable and are almost unbreakable. This is important if you want to get the most out of your scooter and want to enjoy it for years to come.


3 of the 4 scooters we reviewed have a range of at least 60+ miles:

The Dualtron Ultra: 80 miles (130km)

The Dualtron Thunder: 74 miles (120km)

The Emove Touring: 62 miles (100km)

And the VORO Orca Mark I: 20 miles (32km)

So if you don’t have to travel large distances the VORO Orca Mark I is good enough. If however you need/want to take your scooter for longer trips you will have to see which of the other 3 fit your needs.

The Benefits Of Using An Electric Scooter For Adults Over 300lbs

Let’s face it, the manufacturers of electric scooters don’t really account for adults weighing 300lbs and over, even 250lbs and over. There are just not many choices available.

Lucky for you we have made it easy so you don’t have to search the entire internet looking at specs.

The benefits of using an electric scooter for adults over 300lbs are you can get to your destination in comfort and with ease of mind knowing your scooter can handle the weight without issues and your battery won’t die on you because it’s not up to par.


There is no need for you as a full-size adult to not enjoy the fun and benefits of driving an electric scooter. You can use it to commute or go on fun trips or whatever you can think of just like everybody else with as much if not more ease and comfort, and because you have such a well-built scooter you will have less to no issues for as long as you will own it. Have fun.

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