Traveling With Your eBike

Traveling With Your eBike? Here’s What You Need To Know!

It’s nice to ride your e-bike at home, but some people don’t want to miss out on the fun of cycling on vacation, so they take their e-bike with them when they travel. In this article, we would like to show you how the e-bike can be transported without any problems and how it can reach its destination safely.

E-bike transport by car:

The journey to your holiday destination by car is up to you and is flexible, and that also applies to taking your e-bike with you! By car, you have various options for taking your bicycle or several bicycles with you without much difficulty, from transporting the e-bike in the trunk, if the car is large enough, to special luggage carriers. 

Let’s start with the transport in the trunk: Here you usually have to remove the front and rear wheels so that the bike also fits in the car, which takes some time, plus the e-bikes are still relatively heavy, which requires some muscle strength. .. In order not to damage the spokes and possibly the brake discs and also not to scratch the paint of your e-bike, the removed wheels can be wrapped in old blankets, but special wheel bags are more comfortable and safer.

The smarter solution is to transport your e-bike on the outside of the car, as you don’t have to do much on the bike other than making sure it’s securely fastened. There are 2 options here, a rear roof rack or a roof rack, where the rear roof rack offers more advantages than the roof rack.

The only remarkable advantage of the roof rack is that it is easy to mount, otherwise, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. If you drive under a deep bridge or have to enter a multi-story car park, you run the risk of your e-bikes hanging from the ceiling, which of course can cause massive damage to your bike. Because your e-bikes are mounted on the roof, the air resistance during the ride also increases, which consumes more fuel and increases fuel costs.

As for the hitch-mounted bike rack, they can be mounted easily and quickly. If you don’t have a trailer hitch on your car, a bike rack that can be easily mounted on the tailgate of the car is a good choice. To find the perfect bike rack for your car, it is recommended that you contact your car manufacturer or the bike rack manufacturer to find out which bike rack is most suitable.

eBike Rack

E-bike transport by train

Not everyone has a car and not everyone wants to go on holiday by car! Some people choose to travel by train, which is a pleasant and environmentally friendly way to travel. In most trains, there is a special compartment where you can park your bike comfortably, as there is much more space and also special devices in which you can easily mount your e-bike. Your e-bike can be taken on most local and long-distance trains, but you should always check in advance whether this also applies to your train connection.

Taking your E-bike on the plane:

If you don’t want to travel by car or train, especially if you go on holiday abroad, you can also opt for the plane as a means of transport. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to take your e-bike on a flight. This is because almost all batteries consist of lithium ions, which are not allowed to be carried on airplanes. 

But if you absolutely want to have your e-bike with you at your holiday destination, you have to send it by cargo plane. To this end, the battery must be packed separately as dangerous goods. However, here and there there are airlines that allow you to transport your e-bike, but then you have to do it without your battery.

Sometimes you can rent batteries for e-bikes from dealers in your holiday destination, but this is not so common, so to be on the safe side, it is best to contact a local dealer in advance and reserve a suitable battery for the period of your holiday. 

Ultimately, taking an e-bike on a plane is a costly and time-consuming affair, and your e-bike can be easily damaged because not all airlines load your bike as gently as they should. Therefore, the best option is probably to rent an e-bike at your holiday destination, which is very doable these days in most holiday locations.

E-bike transport

Many options for your e-bike transport:

If you want to travel with your e-bike, you have many options so that your e-bike can travel with you. It doesn’t matter whether you travel by car, train or even plane, even if the latter option is a bit more complicated… Everything is possible so that you don’t miss out on your personal e-bike on your holiday!

What is the best way to transport my e-bike?

The easiest way to transport your e-bike is by train, as you don’t need any additional equipment. Immediately afterward, our favorite is the use of your own car, here you need a hitch-mounted bike rack, for example.

How much does it cost to ship an e-bike?

For example, you can have your e-bike transported via DHL and delivered to your travel destination. Shipping is still relatively cheap and a good alternative because you are NOT allowed to take an eBike on the plane.

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