What are the advantages of an electric bike?

What are the advantages of an electric bike? Here are the 7 most important: 

1. Easier and faster cycling 

Thanks to the electric pedal assistance, cycling uphill feels like a piece of cake! With an e-bike, you can easily and quickly reach your desired destination. Cycling itself also feels much more pleasant and you don’t get tired as quickly. Once purchased, you won’t want anything else. Electric cycling is really fun! This is the number one advantage of an electric bike.

What are the advantages of an electric bike?

2. Good for daily exercise 

With pedal assistance, people often think that you don’t burn any calories on an electric bike. This is absolutely not true! Although you burn slightly fewer calories with an hour of electric cycling than on a regular bike, e-bikes are a very good investment for better health!  

Because electric cycling is so pleasant, e-bikers are two to three times more likely to take the bike instead of the car or public transport. As such the average daily exercise of e-bike owners is higher than those who still go to the supermarket every day by car.  

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3. The perfect transport to commute

E-bikes are ideal for covering long distances without getting tired. The number of people who regularly go to work by electric bike is increasing considerably since with a good battery you can get to work even faster than by car (especially by avoiding traffic jams and waiting for public transport)! As a result, e-bikes are also becoming increasingly popular among the younger generations, and more and more students are cycling to school on an electric bike.  

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4. Environmentally friendly 

By exchanging your scooter or car for an electric bike, you reduce your CO2 emissions enormously, and you contribute to the environment. In addition to less air pollution, electric bikes also cause less nuisance and noise on the street. By purchasing an e-bike you keep both the environment and your neighborhood happy!  

5. Low maintenance costs 

Purchasing a new electric bike or battery can be an investment, but once purchased, there aren’t any high maintenance costs involved. The fixed costs such as maintenance and energy costs are much lower than what you normally pay for petrol or road tax. So electric bikes aren’t only good for the environment, but also for your wallet!  

6. Easy to carry 

With an electric bike, you are fast and very mobile. You can of course cycle everywhere yourself, but e-bikes can also be easily transported by train or car. Perfect for cycling holidays abroad or when you want to discover all the beautiful cycling routes in your city or country! 

7. Lots of choices! 

Given the increasing popularity of e-bikes, there is also a lot of choice in models and specs nowadays. There are different types of electric bikes that you can choose from. There is an electric bike for everyone’s needs! If you’re not sure what to look for then THIS ARTICLE might help you!

So this concludes all 7 advantages of an electric bike, there are many more, but these are the most significant.

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