Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Antwerp

Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Antwerp – Rules, Costs, Providers, And Addresses! (In 2022)

Antwerp can be crossed in different ways. Trams and buses from the transport company De Lijn are the most commonly used means of transport, but around the spring and summer periods, more and more residents and tourists prefer to rent an electric scooter. Renting an e-step raises the necessary questions. On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions such as:

  • How should you rent an e-step?
  • What are the rules in Antwerp?
  • Which sharing step app should you download?
  • How does a sharing step app work?

Rules and legislation in Antwerp

Since the introduction of shared scooters in Antwerp, many accidents have occurred. Partly because of this, the rules have been tightened, but transport by e-step is still legal, in contrast to the neighboring Netherlands. But what are the rules? See them below:

  • A maximum speed of 25 km/h on the public road and 6 km/h on the sidewalk
  • Lighting is mandatory in poor visibility (up to 200 meters), or in the dark
  • No parking on the sidewalk
  • Required to take out insurance (with your own e-step)
  • Not required to wear a helmet

Take into account the laws and regulations to avoid fines. In Paris, the rules have recently been tightened. There you risk a fine of 135 euros if you drive on the footpath, and 35 euros fine if you leave the e-step in front of an entrance, intersection, or other pedestrian-unfriendly places.

Where can you rent an electric scooter in Antwerp?

You can use rental companies or sharing scooter apps. Most people choose the latter because it functions cheaply, easily, and quickly. About 100 shared scooters are available between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., which can be found on a map in the shared scooter app.

You can also choose to rent an e-step through a rental company. The most famous is ‘My Mobility’ at Jesusstraat 37/b in Antwerp. At this rental company, you get a full tour with a city guide for an amount of 50 euros per person.

Which scooter-sharing apps can you use in Antwerp?

The most popular scooter-sharing app in Antwerp is: ‘Bird‘. This sharing scooter app uses a free-floating system, which means that there is no fixed parking space. You can use the app to find one of the 100 shared scooters in Antwerp. After unlocking you pay 1 euro start-up costs and 25 cents per minute. You only spend 10 euros for 1 hour and with a speed of 18 km/h, you can explore Antwerp at a rapid pace.

Besides Bird, there are also Lime and Poppy. Each provider has its own app and uses different costs:


Costs: €1 for unlocking and €0.25 per minute for use





Costs: €1 to unlock and €0.19 per minute to use





Cost: €1 to unlock and €0.15 per minute to use

How does the sharing step app: Bird work?

Share step apps like Bird are easy to use. Go through the following steps:

  1. Download the Bird app and create an account
  2. View the map and find the nearest shared scooter
  3. Unlock the device with the QR code on the handlebar
  4. When done riding, park the shared scooter in the indicated zone

How Scooter friendly is Antwerp?

Antwerp has been developing strongly in recent (and coming) years as a bicycle city. While cycling has always been popular with students, more and more people are also going to work by bicycle and electric scooter. 

Antwerp wants to put itself on the map as a real-world bicycle city and has big plans! In addition to the more than 700 km of bicycle paths that have already been built, there is a bicycle policy plan that should make the city as attractive as possible for cyclists and electric scooters.

These developments make Antwerp ideal for exploring by electric scooter. You drive relaxed to the places you want to visit and can see a lot of the city in a short time. 

A trip along the Scheldt is also highly recommended and gives you a beautiful view of Antwerp and the harbor. The city’s bicycle plan, Velo Antwerp

The surroundings of Antwerp are also worth exploring by scooter.

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