Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Bruges Belgium

Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Bruges Belgium

Bruges is known worldwide for the beers brewed in this city, but there is so much more to discover in the capital of West Flanders.

It has a beautiful historic center, there are more than 80 bridges (that can’t be a coincidence) and the area is rich in castles and fortresses. And while you’re there do try the fantastic Belgian chocolate in one of the many shops.

I went on a horse and carriage ride through the old city center when I visited Bruges last year with my wife and kids and it was very beautiful to see all the old buildings and canals along the way.

To move in and around the city in a fun, fast and sustainable way, an electric scooter is the solution during your city trip in this Belgian city. Read this article for the possibilities of renting an e-scooter in Bruges!

Disclaimer: You can’t use a shared scooter at this moment in Bruges, there are no providers yet, you can however rent one from a shop, the address and details are down below this article.

The rules for using an e-scooter in Bruges

As a driver of an electric scooter in Bruges you follow the same rules as cyclists. In addition, you must take into account the following requirements and traffic rules:

  • The minimum age to ride an electric scooter in Belgium is 16. However, a local provider may have a different minimum age;
  • It is not necessary to have a driver’s license;
  • Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but strongly recommended;
  • It is not allowed to drive on the sidewalk;
  • You must follow the traffic rules and signs for cyclists. For example, you must ride on the bicycle path if there is one and otherwise on the road;
  • The maximum speed is 25 km/h (e-scooters without a saddle that go faster are not allowed on public roads);
  • In the dark and when visibility is poor (less than 200 meters) you are obliged to have a white/yellow front light and a red rear light on. Lights may be attached to clothing, a backpack, or a helmet;
  • Holding and/or using a cell phone during the ride is prohibited;
  • The maximum permitted blood alcohol level is 0.5 promille;
  • It is forbidden to transport a passenger or to ride an electric scooter with two people;
  • You must park in a specific zone for e-scooters indicated by road signs. In places without these specific zones for electric scooters, you may also park on the sidewalk provided you do not obstruct the passage for pedestrians;
  • It is not mandatory in Belgium to have special liability insurance for electric scooters without a saddle. E-scooters with a saddle must be insured as a regular scooter or moped;
  • Finally, always check the insurance conditions in the rental contract when renting an electric scooter.

How to rent an electric scooter in Bruges as a tourist

At this moment you CAN’T rent a shared scooter (Lime, Bird…) in Bruges. It is however possible to rent an e-scooter from a local supplier for a day or a couple of hours, it’s also possible in combination with a tour guide. Below you can read how this works.

Rent an e-scooter for a day (or half a day)

You can rent an e-scooter for a fixed period through one local rental company. You pay in advance for the number of hours you want to use the vehicle.

The average rental price for an e-scooter in Bruges is €7.50 per hour. You can reserve these electric scooters online at the following rental companies:

Fietskoetsen Bruges

At Fietskoetsen Brugge you can rent an electric scooter starting at €30 per four hours. This allows you to independently explore the beautiful city of Bruges. This scooter rental shop also offers guided tours from €35, where you drive along one of the most beautiful roads in Flanders: the straight canal that Napoleon Bonaparte made.

Pass old Spanish forts and explore the wine-growing countryside. All this sounds like a great experience!


Fietskoetsen Bruges

Address: Markt 1, 8000 Bruges

Telephone: +32 478 409 557

Website: https://www.guidedtoursbruges.com/service-page/electric-scooter-rental/

Opening hours: Monday through Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

Price per hour:€30 per four hours

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