Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Prague

Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Prague

Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Prague – Rules, Costs, Providers, And Addresses! (In 2022)

Do you want to rent an electric scooter in Prague? Since September 2018 you can rent a shared scooter in the heart of Prague! With these e-scooters, you can easily and cheaply explore this beautiful city all year round.

But how should you rent an e-scooter in Prague? What are the rules? Which sharing step app should you download? And, how does such an application work? On this page, you will get answers to all your questions.

Where can you rent an electric scooter in Prague?

Shared scooters can be found everywhere in the city and can easily be traced with the help of an app. Most apps have a built-in map where you can track all electric scooters and see if the device is charged.

Don’t feel like downloading the app, or do you want to explore the city under supervision? Prague has many rental companies of Segways and e-scooters. For example, take a look at Prague Scooter Tours. For 1 hour you pay about 500 CZK, converted that is about 20 euros.

Rent an electric scooter for a day(part)

You can rent a scooter for a day(part) through various local rental companies, possibly in combination with a tour. The costs depend on the duration of the ride and the number of people in the group. For a day (part) you pay an average of €27 per person.

The advantage of an ‘own’ electric scooter is that you have it at your disposal for the entire rental period. The disadvantage compared to a partial scooter is that you have to keep the scooter with you continuously.

Do you want to rent an electric scooter in combination with a tour? This is possible with the following local rental companies:

Prague Segway Tours 

Address: Maltezske square 7

Price: €49

Duration of the tour: 120 minutes

HUGO e-balance bike

Address: Grandior Hotel Prague, Na Poříčí 1052/42

Price per hour: €28

Price for 6 hours: €100

Private tour

Address: Hlavní město Praha

Price for 2 hours: €58

Which electric scooter-sharing apps can you use in Prague?

The most famous sharing scooter app is Lime. Users pay 25 CZK (0.99 euro cents) startup fees and 2 CZK (≈0.10euro cents) per minute. So you pay 10 euros for a ride of one hour.

In short, a very reasonable price! In addition to Lime, there are a number of other sharing scooter apps, but they are comparable in both cost and ease of use. Bird does have a more convenient system where the app automatically withdraws the amount from your credit card. This way you don’t have to increase the balance every time to be able to continue driving.

How does a sharing step app work?

Almost every sharing step app works the same way. Go through the following steps:

  1. Download the Lime app, and unlock the scooter with the QR scanner
  2. Connect a debit or credit card to your Lime account
  3. Wear the supplied helmet and give the scooter a push
  4. Park the shared scooter within the indicated zones
  5. Finish the ride by clicking ‘confirm’ at the message: ‘Are you sure you want to end your ride?
Lime How to rent an electric scooter
Example of the Lime app

Rules and legislation in Prague

According to the legislation in Prague, a driver of an electric scooter falls under the same category as a cyclist, and you are therefore not allowed to ride on the foot bath. There are also a number of rules:

  • of parking e-scooters in front of entrances, street corners, at a bus stop or in the middle of a pedestrian path
  • Leave shared scooters only in the zones indicated on the map in the app.
  • Prohibitionman riding a shared scooter (duo riders)
  • A maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • Driving on the sidewalk is prohibited. Children up to the age of 10 are allowed to ride on the sidewalk, but they are not allowed to get in the way of pedestrians;
  • There is an absolute ban on alcohol when you ride an electric scooter.
  • Possession of a driver’s license is not mandatory;
  • Helmets are compulsory for children up to the age of 18;


If you do not take one-way traffic into account, or if you drive on the sidewalk, you risk a fine of CZK 2000, converted that is 80 euros / Dollars. We also advise not to drive on the roads as they are often bumpy or in poor condition. Therefore it is safer to just use the cycle paths.

How Scooter-Friendly Is London?

Driving an electric scooter is very doable in this golden city on the Vltava. Prague is a bicycle and electric scooter-friendly city, with many bicycle paths, sufficient repair centers, rentals, and places where you can safely store your electric scooter. 

You will drive relaxed through the historic Jewish quarter with the old Jewish cemetery and various parks, such as Wenceslas Park and the amazing Malá Strana.

Well invested in bicycle paths and your fellow road users are used to electric scooters. With about 180 kilometers of cycle paths, you can also drive safely and relaxed through the city. 

In and around Prague the various cycle paths and cycling routes are well marked, but it does not hurt to pick up the free cycling map at the Tourist Information. Handy for planning a number of fun trips.

The Old Town is less suitable for electric scooters, especially because of the cobblestones. If you don’t mind a bumpy bike ride, the Old Town is a beautiful place to explore, but we recommend that you visit it on foot. 

Just outside Prague, you will enjoy yourself, because you can follow fine cycling routes through the Czech landscape. Especially along the river Vltava, you will find a number of beautiful trips, such as this route of about 32 km. Note that the landscape is hilly, and easy to do with an electric scooter.

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