Where Do You Store Your Electric Scooter When Shopping

Where Do You Store Your Electric Scooter When Shopping?

So you have an electric scooter and you are thinking about taking it for a ride to the (grocery) store to pick up something. But you are probably wondering where you can store your scooter when you are actually at the shop.

It only takes one kid to spill some water or juice over your precious E-scooter to fry the internals and ruin your day. I know I had those concerns when I first got my scooter and needed to run some errands.

I get a lot of questions from readers about where I store my electric scooter when I’m shopping. So rather than replying to every one of them, I thought I’d answer it here so everybody who is wondering the same can get a clear answer, let’s go!

Where do I store my electric scooter when shopping?

Okay, so when I go out shopping with my E-scooter I almost always take it in the store with me. I hang a bag on the handlebars and use my scooter as my shopping trolley.

If I need more than what will fit in my bag then I just take an actual shopping trolley and fold my scooter and put it in the trolley.

On the rare occasion (sometimes in certain shops in the mall) that I am not allowed to take my E-scooter with me in the store, I look for a bike rack and lock it with a decent lock.


So this was a quick post explaining to you where I store my electric scooter when I go shopping, I hope it was helpful for you. If you have any questions, let me know.

PS the electric scooter that I take shopping is a KAABO Wolf Warrior (X PRO)

Wolf Warrior With Seat
The small bag is perfect for small shopping items

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