Zero VSETT Error Codes And SOLUTIONS!

Zero VSETT Error Codes + Meaning And SOLUTIONS!

The Zero VSETT scooter is an ideal means of transport to get you through busy city traffic. These scooters are of high quality and you can ride them carefree. But something can always go wrong.

Should your e-scooter malfunction, then you will see a Zero VSETT scooter error code appear. That is of course very annoying, but if you know what the code means, then hopefully you can do a quick repair. In this article, we tell you what the most important Zero VSETT scooter error codes mean.

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Error Code 0: Normal status

Sometimes your Zero VSETT scooter gives an error code when nothing is wrong. Then the code ‘0’ appears on the display. Usually, this means nothing alarming. It often helps if you set the scooter on and off once. In most cases, the error code will disappear after this.

In an exceptional case, it may mean that the scooter has a malfunction that is not recognized by the system. If your scooter just functions normally, you don’t have to worry. However, a visit to a specialist can put your mind at ease.

Error code 2: A problem with the brakes

It is, of course, important that you can brake at any time. If there is a problem with the braking system then error code 2 appears on the display. The code means that there is something wrong with the brake lever or with it braking system itself. You can do the following to solve the problem:

  • Check the entire braking system;
  • Start with the brake lever, has it fully sprung back to its original position after braking?;
  • If it doesn’t? Squeeze the brakes firmly once, the lever may jump back into position;
  • If the problem is not in the brake lever, check the brakes themselves. Did they return to their original position after a stop?;
  • You can get rid of caliper stiffness with a little WD40, available at any hardware store or department store (NEVER spray on the brake pads because they will NOT brake when covered in WD40 and this can result in an accident);
  • Can’t find a malfunction? Turn the scooter on and off, this oftentimes makes the code disappear.

Zero VSETT Error Code 6: Battery problem

Error code ‘6’ can cause the necessary stress. The battery of an electric scooter is an expensive part if it needs to be replaced. But chances are it will work out. You may be able to clear the code by fully charging the battery.

Sometimes the error code of your Zero VSETT scooter can be the result of an incorrect setting. You can increase the P03 value from 57V to 60V. The P15 setting must be equal to the value specified by the manufacturer. It is in the user manual. If you don’t have it (anymore), you can always find it online.

Error code 07: Engine malfunction

Many owners are shocked by this Zero VSETT error code. That’s not surprising, because if the motor has to be replaced, that means a big cost. But fortunately, that’s not always the case. If you see error code 07 on your display this does not have to mean a disaster. You can do the following to potentially resolve the issue:

  • Disconnect the cable and reconnect it. The malfunction may have been caused by the cable not being properly engaged. This also applies to the Hall sensor cable;
  • Check the motor cables for damage. Replace them if this may be causing the problem.;
  • Do you have a scooter with two motors? Then the Zero VSETT scooter error code may relate to either motor. Disconnect the cables and connect them to the other motor. Then you immediately know whether the malfunction is in the motor or whether a cable is a problem.

Error Code 08: Throttle

Zero VSETT scooter error code 08 has to do with the throttle. You can try to solve this yourself with the following scooters:

  • Use the Allen key to loosen the LCD screen and rotate it over the handlebars so that the back is facing up;
  • Disconnect the connection to the LCD screen;
  • Remove the back panel from the LCD screen;
  • Check the position of the throttle solenoid and Hall sensor for damage;
  • Check that the gas spring is properly seated and functioning properly. The spring should immediately jump back to its original position;

Error code 09: The Controller

Zero VSETT scooter error code 09 has to do with the controller. There isn’t really a solution to this problem other than resetting your scooter. If the code persists even after resetting the Zero VSETT scooter, the solution is usually to replace the controller. An e-scooter repair will then be necessary.

My Zero VSETT error code cannot be resolved

If you find out that you cannot fix the error code on your Zero VSETT scooter and repair may not be the right decision (cost-wise), then a new electric scooter may be the only solution (this is sometimes cheaper than fixing the scooter).

However, are you looking for information about error codes for other e-scooters, such as error codes for Segway or error codes for Xiaomi, or error codes for Pure Escooters? Then click the links because we have written separate articles about this.

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