How And Where To Rent An Electric Scooter In Ghent

How And Where To Rent An Electric Scooter In Ghent? Address And Providers 

With a beautiful historic center and many sights, Ghent is a city that is often visited on a city trip. There are also many cafes and shops and special beers can be tasted for enthusiasts.

Be sure to visit a chocolate shop for the complete Belgian experience. Easily move around the largest city in East Flanders by using an electric scooter to visit all these highlights.

Read below what you need to know if you want to rent an e-scooter in Ghent!

The rules for using an e-scooter in Ghent

As a driver of an electric scooter in Ghent, you must follow the traffic rules and signs for cyclists. In addition, you must take into account the following conditions:

  • The minimum age to ride an electric scooter in Belgium is 16 years old. However, a local landlord may have a different minimum age;
  • Having a driver’s license is not mandatory;
  • It is strongly recommended to wear a helmet, but it is not mandatory;
  • It is not allowed to ride an e-scooter on the sidewalk;
  • You must ride on the bike path (if available) and otherwise on the roadway;
  • The maximum speed for an electric scooter is 25 km / h (e-scooters without a saddle that go faster are not allowed on public roads);
  • In the dark and when visibility is poor (less than 200 meters), you are obliged to use a yellow front light and a red rear light. Lights may be attached to clothing, backpack, or helmet;
  • Holding a phone during the ride is prohibited;
  • It is not allowed to transport a passenger or to ride an electric scooter with two people;
  • You must park in a specific zone for e-scooters indicated by road signs. In places without these specific zones, you may also park on the sidewalk provided you do not obstruct the passage for pedestrians;
  • Special liability insurance for electric scooters without a seat is not mandatory in Belgium. E-scooters with a saddle must be insured as a mustache or moped;
  • Finally, always check the insurance conditions in the rental contract when renting an electric scooter.

How you can rent an e-scooter in Ghent as a tourist

In Ghent, you can rent shared scooters as well as use an electric scooter that you rent through a local rental company, possibly in combination with a tour. Read below how renting an e-scooter for both options works.

Rent an e-scooter for a day (part of the day)

You can rent an electric scooter for a fixed period through a local rental company. In this case, you pay in advance for the number of hours you want to use the e-scooter. The average rental price in Ghent is €15 per hour. You can reserve e-scooters online at the following rental companies:

EZ Ride 

As the only local provider of electric scooters, EZ Ride also offers you a good one. The landlord is located in the heart of Ghent and offers e-tours with a guide in addition to rental.

This way you admire this city in a different way than you are used to, in other words, an ideal way to move around and have fun during your city trip in Ghent!

Address: Nederkouter 7, 9000 Ghent

Telephone: +32 934 903 49


Opening hours: Wed & Sunday 13:00 – 18:00, Thurs to Sat 10:00 – 18:00

Price per hour: €15

Price per day: €60

Shared scooter rental in Ghent

There is one scooter rental provider in Ghent and that is Hoppy. You can use an e-scooter for just a few minutes or an entire day. You can find these electric scooters all over the city. With help from a mobile app create an account and you can unlock a scooter.

HOPPY Scooter rental Ghent

The advantage of this shared scooter is its flexibility: you start and stop the ride when it suits you and for as long as you want. You use this in the following way:


1. Download app

Download the mobile app from the only provider in Ghent which is HOPPY.

APPLE user app download

ANDROID user app download

2. Create an account

Create an account and link a payment method. Most providers accept payments via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

3. Find sharing scooters

View in the app where the nearest shared scooter is located.

Hoppy App To Rent An Electric Scooter In Ghent

4. Unlock the scooter

Unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code on the handlebar via the app.

5. Stop ride

After the ride, you park the vehicle in the designated zone. End the ride via the app and you will receive an overview of the costs incurred.

Active sharing scooter providers in Ghent

In Ghent, you will find one provider of shared scooters: Hoppy. This provider has its own app that you can download from the App Store. With this, you can easily find an e-scooter in your area and start using it.

The costs for renting an electric scooter may differ per sharing scooter provider. View the provider in Ghent below:

Cost for renting a Hoppy scooter

Cost: €1 for unlocking and €0.25 per minute of use

What you should definitely see if you are riding an E-scooter through Ghent?

Ghent is a charming and historic city in the heart of Belgium. Riding an electric scooter is a great way to explore this city and enjoy all of its wonderful sights and attractions. Exploring Ghent on a rented scooter is fun, and a healthy choice for your visit to the city. 

Popular E-scooter tours in Ghent

One of the most popular bicycle and scooter tours in Ghent is the “Grachtenroute”. This route takes you along the picturesque canals of the city, and you will see many beautiful sights along the way, such as the Gravensteen, the St. Bavo Cathedral, and the Belfort. Another great tour is the “Groene Gordelroute”, which leads you through the beautiful parks and green areas of Ghent, such as Citadel Park and the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen. Or maybe you want to try the “Beer and Chocolate Route” which takes you to some of the city’s best breweries and chocolate shops.

How scooter friendly is Ghent?

Ghent is a city that is very scooter and bicycle friendly. There are plenty of bike lanes and bike/scooter racks in the city, and many of the streets are pedestrianized or one-way for cars, making riding an electric scooter safer and more enjoyable. There are even plans to ban all cars from the city center by 2024 and to focus entirely on cycling, public transport, and walking. Nevertheless, it is important to remain alert when riding your scooter, especially in the busy center of the city. E-scooter riders must obey the traffic rules and pay close attention when crossing busy intersections. It is also advisable to always wear a good bicycle helmet.

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