Xiaomi M365 Review

Xiaomi M365 Review – 500+ miles

Xiaomi M365 Review – 500+ miles review

Below you will find my honest review of the Xiaomi M365 after using it for more then 500 miles.

First up are the specs of the Xiaomi M365, then my honest review, and some Q&A.

Xiaomi Mi (M365) Long Term Review

Xiaomi M365

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Xiaomi M365 (Xiaomi Mi) Review

The Xiaomi M365 is our top choice for the best all-round electric scooter. The Mi Electric Scooter from Xiaomi, also known as the Xiaomi M365 is easy and quick to ride with just 1 push of a button. 

The modern design, which uses aluminum, ensures that the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter only weighs 27lbs (12.5kg). This allows you to take it with you everywhere, and light enough to commute. 

The anti-slip handles, which are also used to control the speed, give you complete control while driving. 

The Mi Electric Scooter is equipped with LED lights on the front and back, as well as a powerful mechanical disc brake so that you can stop in a heartbeat.

Thanks to the powerful 250 Watt motor, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter has a range of up to 19 miles (30km) with a top speed of up to 15.5 mph (25km/h).


The Xiaomi M365 has a powerful 250w motor which propels you to a top speed of 15.5mph (25km/h)

Thanks to its 250w motor the Xiaomi M365 is able to climb hills up to 15 degrees.


The 37.5V battery ensures) a 19-mile (30km) range.

Charging time is around 5 hours.

Safety features

The Xiaomi M365 features a rear disk brake which is the safest system for an electric scooter and rare in this price range.


The Xiaomi M365 has no display. Xiaomi provides one via its Bluetooth smartphone app. A simple display would have been nice, because now you need to buy a phone holder if you want to display speed and various other information provided through the Xiaomi smartphone app.


The Xiaomi M365 has no suspension.


This scooter has (pneumatic tires which means they are air-filled. This also means that there is always a risk you get a flat tire, but this also means they are very comfortable on a scooter that has no suspension like this Xiaomi M365. The tires are road tires.

Weight and maximum load

The Xiaomi M365 weighs only 27lbs (12kg) making it very light and portable, perfect for commuting and things like taking it with you on the train and storing it under your desk at work.

The maximum load for this scooter is specified at 220lbs (100kg)

Features of the Xiaomi M365:

  • 250W (15.5mph) (25km/h)
  • 37,5V Battery (range 19-miles (30km))
  • Dual Disk Brakes with ABS
  • No Suspension
  • Road Tires
  • LED Front & Rear Light
  • Scooter weight 26lbs (12 kg)
  • Maximum load capacity 220lbs (100kg)


  • Lightweight – Perfect For Commuting
  • Powerful motor + Battery
  • Regenerative front brake
  • Safe rear disc brake
  • High load capacity
  • Very affordable


  • Folding is fiddly at first

Have you noticed lately? Electric scooters are everywhere these days. Are those ‘hipsters’ right and everyone will soon be gliding on the asphalt with their own scooter? 

Most electric scooter sharing services use the Xiaomi M365. I own a few electric scooters, including my Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, also called Xiaomi M365! I have been commuting for a while with the scooter between my home and work. I used to do those miles to and from the station with an old-fashioned bicycle, but I got tired of getting sweaty and smelling a bit of fresh air.

And suddenly there was something that seemed ideal for me to solve my problem. After a small test with a Lime, I was immediately convinced: I would buy an electric scooter for those commuter kilometers to and from the station. It is no surprise that it has become the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter, with its low price and great quality the choice was quickly made.

I can tell you that, as we are used from Xiaomi, you get a product that is certainly worth its price or even more than worth it. To start with, the scooter looks good to me. I can’t deny that there are slimmer and lighter models on the market, but the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter exudes the robustness that I miss in the competition. The frame is made of aluminum that is also used for airplanes. I myself have not found any scratches after the full-year of intensive use and I can assure you, that is half a miracle. I have been stuck a few times with the handles behind a door, which could have caused some damage.

The scooter folds to make it easier to take with you. The hinge has the same robustness as the scooter itself. I have to admit that I have to fiddle a little too long now and then to unlock it, but you certainly don’t need more than 15 seconds to fold and lift the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter. With its 26lbs (12 kg), this scooter cannot be called light. If you live four floors high without a lift, you will probably feel that weight. Now, if you hold it at the spot that is also indicated on the scooter itself, you will feel that they have done their best to balance the device nicely.

xiaomi m365 rview

The folded scooter is, unfortunately, a little too long to fitfully between the seats of the train without protruding and just too high to slide on its wheels under the seats. However, luckily, nobody has fallen over yet. You can’t really call the scooter compact, although it does fit in the trunk of a car, for example. Admittedly, the size of the Xiaomi M365 ensures comfort. The deck can really be called spacious and is certainly long enough. The handlebar is also pleasant to hold.

However, what I miss with this scooter is a built-in element to easily attach a lock to it. There are accessories available for locking it. The Xiaomi M365 does have a software lock that can be activated via the app. But apart from an alarm that goes off and the wheels that block in the event of too much-unauthorized movement if it is parked, there is more you can do to safely park it without the fear of someone stealing it from you. The standard safety features don’t give me the feeling that I could leave my scooter alone somewhere for more than fifteen minutes.

In terms of technology, the scooter has a battery that could last up to 19 miles (30 kilometers) in the most ideal conditions. Under those circumstances, it is understood among other things: not too cold, not too hot, at a speed as constant as possible and with a rider weight of around 165lbs (75 kg). It has to be said, the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter delivers. When I come home in the evening, I have an average of 25% in the battery left. My journeys taken together amount to around 14 miles (22 km) a day. That means that I would get to nineteen miles, should it be necessary.

In addition, the Xiaomi also charges a little thanks to the kinetic energy that arises during acceleration and braking. I cannot say exactly what effect that has on the battery. You can also use the Xiaomi M365 without electrical power, although I must say that it does not go as smoothly as you might think. You feel that you pedal against the stream. The Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter is also not the lightest, which means that a bit more power is required.

In addition to the motor and battery to propel you, the Xiaomi M365 is also equipped with a front light, a rear light and a display that indicates the battery capacity. The scooter has no screen, but that’s not a loss. The Xiaomi M365 does not run faster than the maximum 15,5mph (25km/h). You can actually feel him braking in descending if you cross that limit. You can monitor the speed in real-time on your smartphone in the M365 Home App, but then you have to attach your smartphone to the steering wheel. In general, this distraction does not help your safety, so I don’t miss that speed measurement! Once at cruise speed you drive the maximum of 15,5mph (25 km/h) (or 11mph (18 km/h) in economy mode) and you make good progress. 

Xiaomi M365 Modes

The front light is bright and wide, so no problems there. The rear light could have shined a little brighter to be really safe. It does flicker when you brake, so that is a nice feature. Unfortunately, I have to admit that the rear light failed after a month and a half. After a heavy rain shower, I accidentally drove through a deep puddle, causing the connection from the battery to the light to fail. So I strongly recommend that you attach an extra light to your helmet or backpack to be sure to be seen. By the way, that helmet is also recommended. 15,5mph at cruise speed is not slow. 

The scooter is not 100% waterproof. Make sure that you always close the tab of the charger nicely. Driving through deep puddles is not advisable and you should also avoid potholes. The deck, and therefore the battery, are rather close to the ground. The advantage of large rainfall is that you can easily take the Xiaomi M365 on the bus. For example, bicycles are not allowed on there.

But everything described above means nothing if the drive itself is bad. It’s not, it’s pure fun and a joy to ride! It’s fun for young and old! My father and some friends have already tried my Xiaomi M365 and they all praised the same great experience. Another pleasant advantage: during rain, your pants absorb considerably less rain than when cycling. The fact that you arrive at work less stressful is simply the reason for purchasing an electric scooter. The air-filled tires also provide some suspension so that you are not shaken too hard in the event of uneven roads. By the way, extra tires and a pump to inflate your tires are provided in the box, should it ever go wrong.

If you haven’t noticed yet: I am fully convinced of my purchase of the Xiaomi M365 and hope that even more electric scooters will appear in the streets. The Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter looks good, drives great and does what it has to do for an affordable price.


How much does it cost to charge Xiaomi M365?

It costs around 0.5 to 1 cents to charge your Xiaomi M365.

How long does it take to charge the Xiaomi scooter?

Between 4 and 5 hours.

Is the Xiaomi M365 waterproof?

Yes but only to light rain and splashing from puddles, not for use in heavy rain because it’s IP54.

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