Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Lisbon

Where And How To Rent An Electric Scooter In Lisbon – Rules, Costs, Providers, And Addresses! (In 2022)

Do you want to rent an electric scooter in Lisbon? Fantastic plan! Since 2018, shared electric scooters have been part of the street scene and you will find them mainly in neighborhoods such as Baixa, Belém, and Chiado. These e-scooters can travel 30 km on one battery and sometimes reach speeds of 30 km/h!

Since 2019 you can use an electric scooter in Lisbon as a tourist. Download an app, scan the QR code on the vehicle and you’re ready to go. You can drive at your own pace to various highlights, such as the ‘Ponte 25 de Abril’ and ‘Torre de Belém’.

But are the e-scooters legal in Lisbon? Where can you rent them? And, what costs are associated with this? You can read it all on this page!

Rules and legislation in Lisbon

Lisbon is a true paradise for e-scooter drivers. Compared to other European cities, city officials are quite lenient. However, there are a number of rules that you should pay attention to:

  • It is not mandatory to wear a helmet;
  • It is not allowed to drive on the sidewalk;
  • You do not need to have a driver’s license;
  • You are not allowed to ride with two people on one e-scooter;
  • There is no minimum age set by law for the use of an e-scooter;
  • You use the bicycle path and when it is not available, you use the roadway;
  • There is a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This is also the maximum speed of a partial scooter;
  • It is not allowed to use a telephone, headphones or wireless earphones while driving.

Are you breaking these rules? Then you risk a fine between 60 euros and 300 euros.

Where can you rent an electric scooter in Lisbon?

There are several places where you can rent an electric scooter. If you want to rent via a shared scooter app, we advise you to walk to the Marquês de Pombal roundabout. Almost all e-scooters from different rental companies are here.

Do you want to e-scooter with saddle rentOr, would you like a tour of Lisbon by e-scooter? Then we advise you to pay a visit to Turispot. This shop is located on Rua da Madalena. Renting an e-scooter from this organization is about 15 euros for one hour.

These scooter-sharing providers are active in Lisbon

The five largest providers in Lisbon are Bird, Bolt, Frog, Lime, and Link. All providers have their own app and other costs:


Costs: €0.50 for unlocking and €0.10 per minute for using





Cost: No cost to unlock and €0.10 per minute to use





Cost: €1 to unlock and €0, 10 per minute to use





Cost: €0.50 to unlock and €0.10 per minute to use





Cost: €1 to unlock and €0.20 per minute to use



——— —-

In Lisbon, you also have less well-known scooter apps, such as Bungo, Flash, Hive, Iomo, Voi, and Wind.

Almost all sharing scooter apps have the same prices. To unlock you pay 1 euro, and then 15 cents per minute. A one-hour ride will cost you only 10 euros. As far as we’re concerned, a reasonable price for such a fun and easy way of transporting.

How does a sharing scooter app work?

Using a shared electric scooter is very easy. Go through the following scooters:

  • Download the app via Google Play or the App Store
  • Register as a user and add a debit or credit card
  • Search for the nearest shared scooter on the map
  • Unlock the scooter with a PIN code or QR code
  • Start the e-scooter by pushing twice and accelerating
  • Push ‘End ride‘ if you want to leave the e-scooter

How Scooter-Friendly is Lisbon?

Do you want to discover this atmospheric city of the 7 hills with its beautiful architecture and vibrant nightlife in a unique way? Cycling in Lisbon is becoming more and more popular. 

With the construction of more bicycle paths, the adjustment of maximum speeds for cars and the construction of speed bumps, driving an electric scooter has become much safer. You can easily drive from Baixa, with Rossio square and the royal residence, which dates from the time when Portugal was not yet a republic to the historic center of Descobertas-Belem-Jerónimos. 

One of the well-known bicycle paths in Lisbon is the Poetry Bike Lane, via this route you can cycle from the Baixa district to Belem along the river Tejo. Be sure to drive to Barrio Alto in the evening, a bohemian neighborhood, where you can relax and listen to melancholy fado music.

This beautiful Lisbon city tour is ideal for exploring the city with an electric scooter

With this scooter tour, you will discover Lisbon in a relaxed way with excellent e-scooters. From the starting point of this city tour, the Martim Moniz square, you have a nice view of Castelo de Sao Jorge. 

This square is also the starting point of the famous tram 28, a real ‘must-do’ attraction in Lisbon. From there, you will then drive through the Baixa-Chiado district. Here you will find the main shopping streets and financial district of the city. 

Along the way, you will of course find the nicest restaurants, cafes, and local specialty shops. Be sure to visit the Principe Real, a green and romantic neighborhood where you will find nice antique shops, art galleries, and colorful historic buildings.

Lisbon E-scooter routes
Lisbon E-scooter routes

Continue to one of the largest gardens in Lisbon, the Garden of Estrela, with its unique trees and plants. Via Santos, the design district, you ride on a beautiful bike path along the Tagus River. 

Along the way, you have the opportunity to taste a delicious Portuguese pastry. This makes driving in Lisbon an experience you will never forget! 

This bike and scooter tour through the heart of Lisbon is the perfect introduction to the city and the ideal start to your city trip. You will pass unique sights in Lisbon.

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