segway ninebot ES4 review

Segway Ninebot ES4 review: The Long Distance Cruiser

segway ninebot ES4 review

#1 Long Distance Cruiser

Segway Ninebot ES4 2020 edition

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Most people will know Segway from their iconic mode of transport that appeared on the market years ago. Segway is responding well to the growing demand for electric scooters. This has resulted in a wide range of several modern electric scooters. The Segway Ninebot ES4 is one of them.

Segway ninebot ES4 2 batteries

Segway Ninebot ES4

Segway Ninebot ES4 is the latest addition to line of electric Segway scooters.Since the Segway Ninebot ES1, Segway strives to provide faster speeds and longer battery life for every new model. Each new model received more upgrades and more adjustments than the previous one.

The Segway Ninebot ES4 e-scooter includes an advanced combination of additional functions in a faster and more powerful unit. Segway has been known in recent years for its technical innovations in the field of e-mobility.

Safety, comfort and technological progress have always played a major role in this. In the coming years, we’ll see if Segway can maintain this reputation, with the competition just around the corner.

The first visible improvements of the Segway Ninebot series

If you compare the ES4 with the previous models, the first similarities are unmistakable. But if you get to know the Ninebot ES4 better, you will spot various changes.

The ES4 is the heaviest version in the Ninebot series of all four versions to date. But it doesn’t make much difference. The other three models weighed in at around 26 lbs (12 kg), while the ES4 weighs in at a generous 29 lbs (13 kg). It is a marginal difference and you will certainly not notice this while driving.

What you can notice is the larger maximum angle of inclination. This has been increased from 10 to 15 degrees, which can make it easier to drive up a steep slope.

The battery of the Segway Ninebot ES4

segway ninebot es4 battery

One of the current downsides of many e-scooters is the battery. With an average range of 15 miles (25 kilometers), there is a big chance that you have to charge your scooter every day with daily use. The Segway Ninebot ES4 has taken this a step forward.

The two biggest things that set the ES4 apart from its predecessors are the power and battery life.

How many miles can you cover on one battery charge?

As with the Segway Ninebot ES3, you actually have two batteries. One is internal and the other is external. The second battery increases the distance you can drive. As for the power supply, the ES4 has some impressive stats. You can drive it at 19mph (30 km/h), about 20% faster than the average electric scooters!

What is even more impressive is the range. You can cover 28 miles (45 kilometers) on one battery charge! Please note; this only applies if both batteries are connected at the same time. This extreme range ensures that you can rely on the Ninebot ES4.

Segway Ninebot ES4 long term review

Solid materials?

The overall design of the ES4 is quite good. The plate you put your feet on while riding seems to be unchanged from the ES1 and Ninebot ES2. There’s nothing wrong with that as you can easily keep your balance with this plate. The frame feels sturdy and vibrates minimally while driving. A plus, because this is not necessarily a standard with e-scooters.

And what about the tires?

Anyone who has had a Segway Ninebot before has probably noticed that the tires were not the strongest point of the scooter. Over the years, Segway has often changed when it comes to the type of tires. This is not the case with the ES4. Which is a bit disappointing, since it could use improvement.

The front wheel is still 8 “and the rear wheel 7.5”. The wheels also function well on smooth surfaces.

Safe driving

In an earlier article we addressed the question “How safe is an electric scooter?”. With the ES4 Segway has also wondered this and added some new features. One of those additions is the rear light. Although the rear light was also present on the ES3, this was not the case with the first two models in this series.

In addition to the new rear light, the ES4 is equipped with shock-absorbing materials. If you catch a bump along the way, you will not be shaken throughout your whole body. This is not to say that the scooter is ideal for rough terrain. Preferably use the scooter as much as possible on even terrain to enjoy it for a long time!

Taking it with you in public transport

Segway ninebot ES4 folded commute

The Segway Ninebot ES4 is relatively easy to take on public transport. The first time, it may take you a good minute to fold the scooter. The second time you can easily do it in 15 seconds. You fold the scooter within a few seconds and then lift or roll it with you. At 29 lbs (13 kg), the scooter is slightly heavier than average, but  it’s still quite light to carry around.

Watch your statistics with the Segway app

segway ninebot ES4 app

Just like Xiaomi, Segway also has its own app that you can connect with bluetooth to the Ninebot ES4. But what can you do with this?

  • Adjusting the LED lighting of the scooter
  • Activating the anti-theft function (alarm)
  • Keeping track of miles (or kilometers depending on your region) traveled and average speed
  • Operating the front and rear lights
  • Setting cruise control (which is more convenient than it sounds)


The Segway Ninebot ES4 the perfect long distance cruiser. No more doubting whether your scooter can go the distance. It’s comfortable and well equipped.


  • Very comfortable to ride
  • Ideal long distance cruiser
  • 2 batteries for long range trips
  • Alarm function
  • Easy to use App


  • Tires could be more up to date

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