Kaboo Wolf Warrior Review

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO Review – An Awesome Electric Scooter for 2022

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is a very versatile and fun scooter and today I want to show you all its features, pros, and cons

Kaboo Wolf Warrior Review 2020
  1. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is a high-speed electric scooter designed for the ultimate on-road and off-road experience. Its motorcycle-grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers and rear spring brake enable it to ride in any terrain.

The two powerful brushless 1200W motors in combination with two 40A controllers deliver a peak output of 5400W and climb up to 30% inclines with ease.


 Max Power 5400W Max Speed 50 mph – 80 km/h Battery 60V 35Ah LG  Tire Size 10″ Pneumatic

Range 42 Miles – 62 km
 Rider Weight 450 lbs – 204 kg
Max Incline 30°
 Scooter weigh t101 lbs – 46 kg

Review of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO:

Today we’re reviewing the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO. I heard a lot of great things about this scooter and I wanted to see for myself what the fuzz is all about. Let’s jump right into it:

When I first got into electric scooters I was a bit scared to be honest, because the sensation you get when you ride an electric scooter for the first time is phenomenal. The torque and fast acceleration are a thrill and it’s a joy to ride.

After some time you start to get used to this sensation and it starts to feel “normal” and even slow at times. 

So you start to research more powerful electric scooters to see what’s out there and compare it to your own electric scooter.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 Review

If you have this same feeling, or maybe you are an adrenaline junkie by nature, then I might just have the perfect scooter for you.

As you probably guessed by now it’s the Wolf Warrior X PRO. This is one powerful electric scooter, with a lot of features, and plenty of power and it takes on ANY terrain you throw at it.

I really enjoyed every minute with it, and that’s saying something after all the scooters I have reviewed to date.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior Review

I took it to the city, to the beach, and went off-roading with it. I had a blast on every ride.

I had a Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO with off-road tires, but you can get street tires for it as well, giving you obvious performance on regular roads and a bit more comfort.

So for the adventure seeker or for someone who just wants more from an electric scooter than just going from point A to point B, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is a safe bet and it will put a smile on your face every time you ride it. 

What are other Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO owners saying about their scooter?

Kaboo Wolf Warrior X Pro customer reviews
Kaboo Wolf Warrior X Pro customer reviews

Here are the specs from the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO:

The Basics:

Let’s start with the basics, the Wolf Warrior X PRO retails for around $2,395 but if you click the button below you get an awesome discount and it’s yours for $1,995.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is competitively priced and is less expensive than many of the premium beast scooters when you consider its superior performance and features it feels like a real steal the Wolf Warrior X PRO is an extreme performance scooter that can hang with nearly any scooter. 

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is adept on all terrains thanks to the availability of both road and off-road tires.

Speed and Range:

It has a tested top speed of 47 miles per hour but we estimate that it should top out around 50, it has a tested range of 42 miles and it weighs 101Ibs – 46kg and can hold a rider up to 330Ibs – 150kg, so it’s able to hold larger adults.


It has the fastest acceleration to 15 miles per hour – 25 km/h we’ve ever tested, a jaw-dropping 1,9seconds.

Can the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO Climb Hills?

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is also a hill-climbing monster we drove it on several 10% up to 25% inclined hill climbs with a 165-pound rider, and it took them all without any problem.

Even from a standstill it climbed them all without any hiccups or losing speed.


All this incredible performance means basically nothing if the scooter cannot go the distance.

But the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO has the second-longest range we’ve ever recorded at 54 miles. 

Street vs off-road tires: 

Fitted with off-road tires the Wolf is besides being king of the road, also king of the jungle thanks to the knobby tires that help you to maintain traction when riding on nearly any type of terrain including hard packs and dirt with mud and gravel. 

They perform much better on these types of terrain than the smooth street tires, but if you venture onto the street with the off-road tires you’ll notice the ride gets significantly bumpier and noisier and turning will take a bit more effort. 

Acceleration and braking won’t be quite as good and we recommend that most riders fit the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO with the smoother Street tires. 

Weight and Dimensions:

Performance on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO comes at the cost of weight and size, and it weighs more than 100Ibs – 46kg so it’s not very portable. 

Dimensions Of The Wolf Warrior X Pro
Dimensions Of The Wolf Warrior X Pro | credit

But it does have a folding stem that allows it to collapse flat for shipping or storing however when folded the stem does not lock to the deck so keep this in mind when loading and unloading this big boy.

Additionally, the handlebars do not fold and stick out. 

When folded the Wolf is 58 inches long which is actually 9 inches longer than when it’s unfolded, meaning that the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO won’t fit into the trunk of a standard passenger car without folding the seats down. Ideally, you need an SUV or a truck when transporting this scooter. Folding and unfolding the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO does take some getting used to and it is not a quick process.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior foldability
Folded Wolf Warrior X PRO


Carrying the 100Ibs – 46kg Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO around by yourself is difficult and potentially unsafe, you could use a friend to help you.

Let’s just say this is not a scooter for riders who live in an apartment and have to bring it upstairs with them, though it’s not a problem if you have access to an elevator. 

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO has some great areas to loop a lock through.

You can put the U-lock through the front fork for instance.

The fork on the Wolf Warrior X PRO is an excellent locking point that should work well for normal-length shackles.

Ride Quality:

Ride quality is where the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO really distinguishes itself from nearly every other high-performance electric scooter and the overwhelming differentiator on this electric scooter is the rock-solid stem. 

It has a unique stem locking design with a hefty hydraulic fork that looks like it was borrowed from a motorcycle. It also has massive X-inch tubeless pneumatic tires that are as good as any electric scooter tire at soaking up bumps in the road.

The front wheel is going to be the first point of contact with any obstacle and the front fork is incredible at soaking up bumps and nearly any obstacle in the road. The suspension is stiff enough not to bottom out but soft enough not to be compromising ride quality.

The ride quality is simply supreme and you definitely get the feeling that you can go anywhere with this scooter.

Build Quality:

The Wolf Warrior X PRO has a strong build quality and is designed for off-road riding.

The whole scooter is wrapped in a tubular metal exoskeleton, the stem and folding mechanism are rock-solid and have none of the dreaded stem wobbles that plague some other high-end electric scooters including some of the most premium ones. 

The folding mechanism is chunky and has an additional safety pin that is inserted as a secondary measure to ensure it stays in place while riding. 

All the cables are wrapped up really well so there are no extra cables that are sticking out on either side, everything is tied down very nicely. 

This is one of those scooters that we’ve tested that we were 100% confident on. You really feel that it’s a heavy-duty scooter and that’s also why it costs more than you’re average electric scooter, but it’s really worth it.


The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO has dual hydraulic disc brakes that take minimal effort to activate and provide super strong braking performance.

They are simply the best type of brake that you can get. 

If you’ve never driven an electric scooter with fully hydraulic brakes before you may not know their benefits, so here is a little explanation:

They take the least amount of effort in contrast to regular cable-controlled brakes and they tend to have a lot more resistance and are therefore a little harder to precisely control. 

Second, they are completely smooth and very linear, it takes a consistent amount of effort to squeeze down on them. 

And finally, they are more reliable and require less maintenance because there isn’t a steel cable and housing that will wear out over time.

Kaboo Wolf Warrior disk brakes
Wolf Warrior Hydraulic Brakes

Safety Features:

Additionally, the Wolf has electronic brakes with programmable strength and in the maximum setting, these can be surprisingly strong. 

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO also comes equipped with ABS which pulses the electronic brakes to prevent the wheels from locking up. 

The ABS system can take some getting used to when it activates, but it is a great safety feature to have, especially in rainy or winter conditions.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is fitted with a VERY loud motorcycle horn that even cars will hear.

Lighting is similarly incredible it has two giant “bug-eye” LED headlights that are blindingly bright and excellent at lighting up the road ahead. 

They also have three modes: low power, high power, and fast blinking. 

The deck also has lights on the ends and LED light strips to really help cars and other road users see you when riding in the dark.

During our night riding, we felt really safe and had the feeling that every car saw us from a distance, giving an added safety benefit.

kaboo wolf warrior LED lights
The Wolf Warrior has a lot of lights

Pros and Cons:


  1. Very good build quality
  2. Can take on any terrain or road you throw at it
  3. A truly fast electric scooter with an amazing range
  4. 50% cheaper than some equally specced competitors


  1. Too fast for some (new) riders


Who’s it for:

If you’re looking for a really solid electric scooter that you can take literally anywhere you want and that has an excellent ride quality then the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is the one for you.

 If you don’t mind spending a little more on an electric scooter with all these features, then you won’t be disappointed with the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PROIt doesn’t require aftermarket accessories, just unbox it and hit the road. 

Who’s it not for: 

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is not for someone looking for a portable scooter, period. It’s too heavy to lift without assistance and you’ll need a suitable vehicle if you want to transport it. 

The Wolf Warrior X PRO is not for someone who lives upstairs and doesn’t have access to an elevator. 

And lastly, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PRO is seriously powerful and it may actually be too fast and powerful for some riders as it can reach speeds close to 50 miles per hour – 80 kilometers per hour. 

Riders need to be wearing full protective gear when riding it, as a fall at 50 miles per hour can be life-threatening.

Frequently asked questions:

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