Dualtron Ultra - electric scooter with the longest range

The Electric Scooter With The Longest Range – 120 Miles / 194 Kilometers

If you’ve ever wondered which electric scooter has the longest range , then look no further, we have found it. We have reviewed and tested the Dualtron X to see what the fuzz is all about.

When we first heard of the Dualtron X, and it being the electric scooter with the longest range, we had to test it to see it with our own eyes. Read on to see if it live up to its name or if its not worth the hype.

At the bottom of this page is a short video story with all the facts if you are in a hurry.

Dualtron Ultra - electric scooter with the longest range

#1. Longest Range

Dualtron X

Our Rating:


The electric scooter with the longest range.

Electric scooter come in all shapes and sizes. Some are powerful enough to haul full size adults over 300Ibs (136kg), and some are light and nimble enough to be the perfect electric scooter for commuting.

The Dualtron X has raised the bar to take your electric scooter out for a fun drive or to commute.

The Dualtron X has a 60v LG battery putting out 3078 Kwh, combine that with wide 13″ wheels that have one VERY powerful motor that delivers peak power of 6720 watts 😳 making the Dualtron X the electric scooter with the longest range in the world.

When we say the electric scooter with the longest range in the world, we’re not kidding, this beast has a range of 120 miles (194 kilometers), that’s insane.

In all honesty, we tested a range of 109 miles (175 kilometers) but that is still an insane distance you can travel with this powerhouse of an electric scooter.

Our rider was a 220 Ibs guy and conditions were rather hot. Still an impressive achievement of the Dualtron X.

Thanks to its air cooling system, you can rest assure that no damage will come to this high power and very fast scooter. The Dualtron X has a top speed of +50mph (+75km/h) making it lightning fast. Yet it feels very stable and safe when driving near the limit.


The Dualtron X has a 6720 waat BLDC motor. This strong motor has plenty of power. 


The Dualtron X has a 60v 3078WH battery, giving it plenty of juice. Thanks to the FREE quick charger, charging time is reduced to 8 hours, where without the fast charger it would be 16 hours. As mentioned this battery enables you to travel 120 miles (94km) on a single charge.

It also makes hills and slopes of up to 35%  no problem to tackle.


An electric scooter this powerful needs to be able to stop in no time. That is why it’s equipped with front and rear disc brakes providing plenty of stopping power. They are ABS brakes so safety is no issue with the Dualtron X. They are operated by levers on the handle bar. They are some of the best brakes we’ve tested on an electric scooter to date.

Dualtron X review - ABS hydraulic brakes

Safety Features:

The brakes provide smooth stopping and they have ABS enabling very secure braking under all conditions. It has a very bright LED light on the steering tube and a bottom LED light that makes night time driving very safe, the turn signals are a lot less bright but still visible enough. There is also a rear wheel locking anti-theft function.


The Dualtron X has 2 displays. The middle display shows the main and sub battery voltage in real time. and the throttle display offers a lot of information. They are both great displays that are visible in direct sunlight.

Dualtron X Review - Displays


The Dualtron X electric Scooter has front and rear hydraulic Suspension providing a stable and smooth ride with amazing comfort. It offers a 19 step adjustable suspension, so you can tune it to your liking.

Dualtron X Review - Adjustable suspension


The tires are 13″ tubeless tires. They offer a very stable and smooth ride.

Weight and Maximum Load:

The maximum load it can carry is 330lbs (150kg). This scooter is powerful enough to carry a full sized adult for a very long time and distance.

Features of the Dualtron X Electric Scooter:

  • Powerful motor of 6720 watts
  • Can go up any hill or incline
  • Unbelievable range
  • Top speed that most riders will never top
  • Awesome ABS brakes and big 13″ tires
  • Maximum load 330 lbs (150kg).
  • 19 step adjustable suspension
  • Battery capacity of 60V


The Dualtron X Electric scooter is offers a lot of features and punch and is the electric scooter with the longest range. This electric scooter offers a lot of bang for your buck, but does have a big price tag. If you want the electric scooter with the longest range, that is fully equipped and gives you bragging rights, the Dualtron X is for you.


  • Very good and powerful battery
  • Smooth and powerful hydraulic suspension and brakes
  • High top speed and longest range of any electric scooter
  • Lots of safety features


  • The maximum speed is quite high for some riders

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