The Electric Scooter With The Lowest Cost Per Mile
The Electric Scooter With The Longest Battery Life

The Electric Scooter With The Lowest Cost Per Mile For 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what the electric scooter with the lowest cost per mile AKA the most cost-effective Electric Scooter is, you’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed and tested the EcoReco L5+ to see what the fuzz is all about.

Caring for the environment is becoming increasingly important, and we all should do our part to help save mother nature. That is why electric scooters like the EcoReco L5+ were invented.

Its battery is developed specifically so you can go farther with lower costs and fewer charges. The proprietary Energy Recovery Braking (E.R.B.) also harvests kinetic energy as you brake.

The Electric Scooter With The Lowest Cost Per Mile

EcoReco advertises 2000MPGe, which is quite an achievement. To put that into perspective Tesla has 95 MPGe, now, of course, you can’t compare an electric scooter to a Tesla but this way you get a better idea of what MPGe means on an Escooter. MPGe stands for “Miles Per Gallon Equivalent” so, in other words, the electric vehicle version of MPG (Miles Per Gallon).

The 2000MPGe that EcoReco advertises means that you can ride the EcoReco L5+ for around 500 miles for $1! Let that sink in for a moment… The way they can achieve this is through a combination of a high-efficiency hub motor, a controller optimized for most practical usage conditions, an overall aerodynamic frame design, and a proprietary Energy Recovery Braking (E.R.B.) system that harvests kinetic energy as you brake.

All those things combined make that they can achieve 2000MPGe and offer such a wonder of low-cost riding.

Most cost effective Electric Scooter
The EcoReco L5+

The #1 Electric Scooter With The Lowest Cost Per Mile

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Max Power: 700WMax Speed: 21 mph – 32 km/hBattery: 48V 11AhTire Size: 8″
Range: Up to 28 miles – 45 kilometersRider Weight: 280 lbs – 127 kgMax Incline: 25°Scooter weight: 38 lbs – 16,5 kg

The cheapest electric scooter to run.

At $1 per 500 miles (!!!) this is the most budget-friendly electric scooter to run. Of course, there are external factors that can influence this, like rider weight, weather conditions, economically unstable times, etc, but nonetheless, the EcoReco L5+ remains the “best bang for your buck” electric scooter.

If you are a person (like me) that likes to take his Escooter for just about anything, from commuting to work to going grocery shopping, this scooter will help you save your hard-earned cash doing all the things you love to do with your Escooter.

An electric scooter with a very long battery life.

Electric scooter batteries are quite expensive to change at around $300. Most electric scooter batteries last around 1 to 3 years so you need to factor that in when you purchase an electric scooter.

The EcoReco L5+ has an awesome battery life of around 5 years or 2000 charging cycles, making the EcoReco L5+ a very environmentally friendly option, not to mention your wallet.

Its 36V 8ah LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery provides enough power for a smooth ride and a range of 20 miles (32km) and lets you conquer any hurdle you may encounter during riding. The EcoReco L5+ has a top speed of 20mph (32km/h).

The EcoReco L5+ is a very environmentally friendly scooter, that goes 500 miles on one dollar of electricity. SOURCE

The best electric scooter with the longest battery life

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Specifications of this savings wonder:


The EcoReco L5+ electric Scooter is small in size. But it doesn’t mean that it is not powerful. Thanks to its 700W motor this strong Escooter has plenty of power.


EcoReco L5+ has a Sanyo battery, made up of Lithium Ferro (Iron Phosphate) and LiFePO4. It charges to its full in 4.5 hours and is charged 70% in only 2 hours making it a perfect commuting scooter. It has a voltage capacity of 36V, which enables you to travel 20 miles (32km) on a single charge.

But its best feature is its long battery cycle life of 2000 charge cycles, which makes it one of the best electric scooters with the longest battery life. This means that if you charge this scooter every day all year long it will last 5 years making it a great investment.

It is worth mentioning that in only 2 hours of charging the battery is 70% full on the EcoReco L5+. Furthermore, it is a very economical and environmentally friendly electric scooter at 500 miles on one dollar of electricity and 2,000 MPGe.


EcoReco L5+ has rear drum brakes with motor inhibitors which are operated by a lever on the handlebar. The rear brakes are powerful and safe. The brakes also feature energy recovery braking (it charges the battery every time you brake, like a Tesla)

Standard Features:

An all-purpose gadget mount for your phone, Go-Pro, or camera.

A high-performance full front and rear suspension.

Safe start, recovery brakes, and omnidirectional tail light.

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Another Distinctive EcoReco L5+ attribute is its display. All the information is displayed on the display while you ride on it. It is a great display that is visible in direct sunlight and displays; battery percentage, speed, and distance traveled. It’s also has a LED back-lit display.


The EcoReco L5+ electric Scooter has front and rear Suspension providing a stable and smooth ride.


The tires are solid rubber tires making the ride smooth and enjoyable. Moreover, the non-inflating tires are also easily replaceable.

Weight and Maximum Load:

The total weight of the EcoReco L5+ is 35.2 lbs. (16kg).

The maximum load it can carry is 280 lbs (127kg).

However, on our test, a rider of over 300lbs (136kg) had no trouble on inclines so it’s safe to recommend a max weight of 300lbs for the best performance.

But this is still a very respectable achievement for this model electric scooter.

Features of the EcoRecho L5+ Electric Scooter:

  • Powerful motor of 700 watts (peak performance)
  • Unique foldability feature
  • Unique LED display
  • Top speed 20 miles per hour
  • Rear brakes and kickstand
  • Total weight is 38 lbs.
  • Maximum load 300 lbs.
  • Non-inflating tires
  • Battery capacity of 36V

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The EcoReco L5+ Electric scooter is a sensible and cost-effective choice for both battery life and cost per mile and is the electric scooter with the longest battery life. This electric scooter offers a lot of bang for your buck.

Frequently asked questions:

My EcoReco goes to fast, can I lower the top speed?

Yes, you can, it can be set lower to 12,5 mph or even 7,5 mph, you can find instructions here.

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