The Best Electric Scooters For Off-Road Ranked By Terrain

The Best Electric Scooters For Off-Road Ranked By Terrain

Not everyone buys an electric scooter to commute to work or to drive around the urban jungle aka the city streets. Some buy an electric scooter to go beyond that, way beyond that. There are certain types of scooters that can go off-road and are capable to tackle any terrain you throw at it. Just to be clear, there are different types of off-road terrains, and they can be divided into four categories:

  • Green Laning and Cross country
  • Hill climbing and Rock crawling
  • Dune and desert riding
  • Mud and water riding
best electric scooters for off-road

Let’s first explain the different terrains we took these electric scooters on:

Since some electric scooters are not waterproof I will refrain from adding the mud and water riding category.

So we’ll keep it at: 

Green Laning and Cross country

green laning

Hill climbing and Rock crawling

electric scooter hill climbing

And Dune and Desert riding

Our Winner After 12+ Hours Of Research

Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 Review

The Kaboo Wolf Warrior

This is the best electric scooter for Off-road driving. It is the most capable on all terrain for an affordable price.

WideWheel Pro
Dualtron Ultra
Kaboo Wolf Warrior
Top Speed

26 mph – 42 km/h

50 mph – 80 km/h

50 mph – 80 km/h


30 miles – 48 km / REAL WORLD 22 miles 35 km

75 miles – 119 km / REAL WORLD 62 miles 93 km

70 miles – 112 km / REAL WORLD 48 miles 78 km

Max Load

220 lb – 100 kg

265 lb – 120

330 lb – 150 kg


54 lb – 24,5 kg

81 lb – 37 kg

101 lb – 46 kg

Power and Battery

48V 15Ah Li-ion

60V 32Ah LG Li-ion

60V 35Ah LG Li-ion





Where To Buy
  1. The best electric scooter for Green laning and Cross country:
WideWheel Pro best electric scooter for off road green laning

WideWheel Pro

Best in its class for Off-Road green laning & cross country 

The Mercane Widewheel PRO Dual 2020 electric scooter is made for ultimate riding comfort. Extra-wide tires with front and rear suspension ensure the smoothest and most comfortable ride when riding on green lanes!

$1,299 ← Currently on sale from $1,396

This powerful and foldable e-scooter with an extra efficient Lithium-Ion battery provides solid acceleration and 30 miles – 45 km driving range on one charge.

best off road electric scooter green laning

Improved in the 2020 model:

  • Throttle response is softer
  • NEW Display with speed indicator
  • Improved folding mechanism
  • Application required
  • Front and rear disc brake

Improved folding system 

The tight-fitting folding system makes no rattling noise and has been improved so that the central nut remains in the right place. Regardless of how much you move the steering wheel. Smooth acceleration The improved throttle delivers much smoother acceleration without the brunt of the previous model. Drive carefree at walking speed or opt for full speed.

WideWheel pro


The extra-wide wheels in combination with the front and rear suspension deliver the most comfortable ride an e-scooter can offer off-road. The wide wheels in combination with the upgraded throttle which delivers much smoother acceleration make for a very stable ride on green lanes and on cross country terrain. We didn’t feel unstable or unsafe at any moment when driving of grassy lanes, it’s a real joy to drive on uneven terrain. The front and rear brake disks (120mm) provide enough stopping power on grass and gravel, without locking the wheels which would lead to unsafe situations.


The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is the best choice for an off-road electric scooter on green lanes and cross-country terrain. 


  • Max speed: 25km / h
  • Motor: 2x500W BLDC (800W peak)
  • Max Load: 100kg
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 48V 15Ah
  • Range: 30 miles – 45km 
  • Weight: 55 lbs – 25kg
  • Full tires front / rear
  • Wheel size:: 8 inches / 100mm wide
  • 120mm Front and Rear disc
  • Maximum slope: 15 degrees
  • Dimensions: 1100 x 550 x 1097mm Folded dimensions: 410 x 550 x 1097mm
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Aluminum Aviation 6082-T6
  • Cruise control
  • Suspension front / rear
  • LED light: front / rear

Pros and Cons:

Great value for money

Looks awesome and is stable to drive and easy to turn

Aviation grade Aluminum

Comfortabel drive

The wide smaller wheels take some getting use to in the beginning

The least powerful of the tested Off-road scooters

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2 The Best off-road Electric Scooters for Hill Climbing and Rock Crawling

Dualtron Ultra off road scooter

Dualtron Ultra

Best in its class for Off-Road Hill Climbing& Rock Crawling 

The Dualtron Ultra is a powerful electric scooter from the Dualtron line-up. Dualtron states that is “one of the highest performance off-road electric scooters there is” That’s saying something.

$3,149 ← Currently on sale from $3,990

Next up is the best electric scooter for Hill climbing and Rock crawling:

Enter the Dualtron Ultra, Equipped with a high grade 1920Wh LG battery, it is capable of doing 50mph – 75km/h and has a range of 75 miles – 120 kilometers. The maximum load is 265 Ibs.

best off road scooter dualtron ultra

Insane climbing grade

And the one feature that makes the Dualtron Ultra the best electric scooter for off-road: it has the ability to climb slopes and hills of up to 47°, that means you can basically climb any hill you come across on your off-road adventures.

The dual forged full-suspension and rear (5 stage) adjustable suspension makes it ideal for hill climbing and rock crawling, sucking up all the bumps you encounter. The dual disk ABS brakes ensure a safe ride over any rocky terrain or hill.

Brakes and Tires 

The Dualtron Ultra is equipped with very grippy 11” ultra wide off road tires. Lastly, the dual hub motor puts out an incredible 5400W of power making sure you get to the top of any hill or rocky slope you come across. 


The Dualtron Ultra is the best choice for an off-road electric scooter on rocky terrain with lots of hills.


  • Max speed: 30 miles – 45km Weight: 55 lb – 25kg
  • Motor: 5400W
  • Max Load: 265 lb – 120 kg
  • Battery: 60V 32Ah LG Li-ion
  • Range: 75 miles – 119 km / REAL WORLD 62 miles 93 km
  • Full tires front / rear
  • Wheel size:: 11 inches ultra wide
  • 120mm Front and Rear disc
  • Weight: 81 lb – 37 kg
  • Suspension front / rear
  • LED light: front / rear

Pros and Cons:

Very powerful, top of the range scooter

Comfortable suspension on the road and off the road

Looks awesome (personal taste)

Turns a lot of heads anywhere you go

Price point is not for everybody

Too powerful for new and inexperienced drivers

3 Best Off-Road Electric Scooters for Desert and Dune Terrain

Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 Review

Kaboo Wolf Warrior

Best in its class for Off-Road Dunes and Sandy Terrain 

The Kaboo Wolf Warrior is an awesome and very capable electric scooter for a very affordable price.

$2,799 ← Currently on sale from $3,199

Use Couponcode “ESCOOTEREXPERT” at checkout for an extra 7% off, that’s $200 off.

The Kaboo Wolf Warrior

Next up is the best electric scooter for dunes and sandy terrain:

I have reviewed the Kaboo Wolf Warrior before in an extensive review, but today we test it in the dunes and on a beach because it really is the best electric scooter for off-road dune and desert/sand terrain. Let’s dive in: The Kaboo Wolf Warrior is an awesome and very capable electric scooter for a very affordable price.

kaboo wolf warrior LED lights

The perfect all rounder

You can spec it with street tires or off-road tires, and obviously, if you want to take it to sandy terrain you will want to spec it with the off-road tires. If you’ve ever went jogging on a beach or in dunes you will know how hard it is to get up to speed in the sand.

Sand provides a lot of friction and you need to put in extra effort if you want to keep the pace. So you’ll need an electric scooter that packs a punch and thanks to its 2 1200W motors with a 5400w peak performance the Wolf Warrior is very capable of tackling any sand terrain you throw at it.

Battery drain?

Don’t expect to get the 70 miles – 100km range that is advertised (which is only in eco-mode) when going full blast in the sand. We got 28,7 miles – 46,18 km out of it which is still very respectable seeing I really put it through its paces and had A BLAST doing so. It was a really fun experience, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to enjoy its scooter outside of the city streets.

One warning though: when I got home I found sand in places I never would have thought sand could go, I’ll leave it at that, but don’t say I didn’t warn you 😎. This was the most fun experience of all three terrain tests and the Wolf Warrior passed the test with ease. 

The full hydraulic brakes which were specced with the optional ABS system performed amazing and made the Wolf Warrior stop at any speed and without locking up the 11” wheels. 

Kaboo Wolf Warrior Shocks


The fact that the Wolf Warrior is equipped with both front and rear-wheel drive makes it the best electric scooter for off-road and especially in sand and desert/dune terrain. 

Pro tip: Make sure to clean it thoroughly after every off-road trip in sandy terrain, because the sand literally goes everywhere and can cause premature damage to your scooter.


  • Max speed: 30 miles – 45km 
  • Weight: 101 lbs – 46 kg
  • Motor: 2X 1200 peak:5400W
  • Max Load: 330 lb – 150 kg
  • Battery: 60V 35Ah LG Li-ion
  • Range: 70 miles – 112 km / REAL WORLD 48 miles 78 km – 30 miles – 50 km in the sand on full blast
  • Full tires front / rear
  • Wheel size:: 11 inches ultra wide
  • 120mm Front and Rear disc
  • Weight: 101 lb – 46 kg
  • Suspension front / rear
  • LED light: front / rear / below and on the sides

Pros and Cons:

You get a lot of scooter for the money

Very capable on every Off-road terrain

Very fun to take Off-road

Full of features, very comfortable to ride and very safe

The advertised range is not what we got in ECO mode, and especially when going Off-road (which is understandable)

Very heavy to carry around, but you won’t have to carry it because it will take you anywhere you want to go

Quick buyers guide for off-road electric scooters

Are you looking for an electric scooter that you can use off-road? So put simply: an e-scooter that still works well on unpaved roads? Then you need to consider two things basically: Big off-road tires and lots of power.

Want to use your electric scooter off-road?

Choose big off-road tires.How big should those tires (and wheels) be? To really get through rough terrain like sand, gravel, or rocks they need to be bigger than 10 inches. The thickness of the tires ensures that you have more grip on the road surface. Narrow tires get stuck easily, break or even puncture every now and then. So it is important that your electric scooter has large wheels and big tires with deep threads.

Tire threads

Deep threads in the tires of your electric scooter prevent you from slipping when the road surface gets a bit slippery. You can also ride on sand and grass without any problems. 

The minimum power an off-road scooter needs

So it comes down to a combination of enough power and good tires that makes an e-scooter suitable for different terrains and off-road use. But if you look at the amount of power, at least 800 watts is preferable. With 500 watts and excellent tires, you will probably also be able to save yourself if you do not have to drive up hills, or if you do not drive on the beach or in the sand. In any case, it’s recommended opting for 800 to 1000 watts at least. The more the better.


Here are our top 3 best off-road electric scooters:

WideWheel Pro 

Dualtron Ultra

Kaboo Wolf Warrior

Frequently asked questions:

Can you ride an electric scooter on gravel?

Yes, you can, but be sure to go easy on the brakes when your electric scooter isn’t equipped with ABS because the wheels lock up very quickly on gravel if you brake too hard causing you to lose your balance and fall.

What is the best off-road electric scooter?

This is personal preference but the Kaboo Wolf Warrior is in our personal opinion the best off-road electric scooter.

It has 2 very powerful motors providing awesome traction off-road, ABS brakes providing stable braking on any terrain like sand, grass, and gravel. 

And it’s a steal considering everything you get and the fact that you can literally take it anywhere you please.

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