How And Where To Rent A Circ Scooter

How And Where To Rent A Circ Scooter!

Circ is a Luxembourg company that was founded in 2018. The name is best known under the guise of electric scooters. You have probably seen the Circ scooter.

However, the company was taken over by market leader Bird in 2020, but it is still possible to rent a Circ scooter. Read here how exactly that works!

In which countries is Circ active?

Circ is today mainly active in European countries. Think of countries such as France, Belgium, and Germany. In the busy cities of these countries, the Circ scooters are an ideal means of transport to get from A to B. This way, they reduce nuisance, pollution, and traffic congestion. In the following countries e-scooter:

How to rent a Circ electric scooter?

Nowadays you can easily rent a scooter from Circ by downloading the Android or Apple app. Then go through the following steps:

  1. Open the app and create an account;
  2. Add a payment method;
  3. Look for a scooter in your area;
  4. Unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code in the app;
  5. Get on, calmly drop yourself off and drive away carefully;
  6. End the ride via the app and park the scooter neatly for the next person.

What are the costs of renting a Circ scooter?

The costs for renting a shared scooter from Circ can differ per country and city. However, the prices are usually comparable to each other and absolutely not expensive.

For example, you often pay € 1,- for unlocking the scooter and on average € 0.20 per minute. A twenty-minute ride will cost about € 5, in which you can cover a lot of kilometers.

Starting RateRate per minuteTotal (ride of 20 minutes)
€ 1,-€ 0,20€ 5,-

Want to buy a Circ scooter?

Have you ever taken a ride on a Circ scooter and would you like to buy one for yourself? Then that is certainly possible. However, the scooter is quite pricey and we recommend that you look for a cheaper alternative.

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